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94. By Michael Terry on 2011-10-06

* libdbusmenu-gtk/client.c:
  - Make sure to actually free memory associated with GtkMenuItems we
    create. We are holding the sunk floating ref, so we have to
    actually unref as well as destroy the widget. Part of bug 835646.
* libdbusmenu-gtk/genericmenuitem.c:
  - When setting an image on a menu item for the second time before
    setting a label, don't try to use free'd memory.

93. By Ken VanDine on 2011-09-30

* libdbusmenu-glib/client.c
  - id of 0 in dbusmenu_client_send_about_to_show is valid, and used in
    appindicators like nm-applet (LP: #862989)

92. By Ted Gould on 2011-09-29

* New upstream release.
  * Protect functions against NULL results (LP: #757569, LP: #742909,
    LP: #743050, LP: #743661)

91. By Ken VanDine on 2011-09-20

[ Ted Gould ]
* New upstream release.
  ∘ Protect functions from NULL submenus (LP: #803667)
  ∘ Build fixes (LP: #552526, LP: #552530, LP: #552538, LP: #709761,
    LP: #713690, LP: #643871, LP: #713685)

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/control
  - build dep on valac-0.14

90. By Ted Gould on 2011-08-25

* New upstream release.
  * Fix packing of generic menu items to use toggle-spacing

89. By Ken VanDine on 2011-08-24

[ Ted Gould ]
* New upstream release (0.4.92).
  * Add in a property for setting the menuitem disposition
  * Fix GTK 2 build for style properties
  * Fixed proxied menu events not getting returned (LP: #799878)
* Removed debian/patches:
  * All upstream

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/libdbusmenu-gtk4.symbols debian/libdbusmenu-gtk3-4.symbols
  - Added new symbols

88. By Didier Roche on 2011-07-25

* debian/rules:
  - avoid making indicator-appmenu* depends on gtk2/3 by dpkg-shlibdeps.
    The library doesn't hurt if gtk isn't installed and that enable
    pre-installlation of the indicator stack without requiring the full gtk
    stack being there without any gtk app installed.

87. By Ken VanDine on 2011-06-28

* debian/patches/lp799878.patch
  - Fixed proxied menu events not getting returned (LP: #799878)

86. By Ken VanDine on 2011-06-24

* debian/control
  - Also a a breaks to libdbusmenu-glib4 for gir1.2-unity-3.0 and
    gir1.2-indicate-0.5 to make sure the library gets held back too.

85. By Ken VanDine on 2011-06-24

[ Ted Gould ]
* debian/control, debian/*: Renaming packages for library version
  bump from 3 to 4.
* New upstream release.
  * Fixing visibility for Eclipse (LP: #770263 and LP: #618587)
  * Unseting a GValue properly (LP: #785828)
  * Memory leaks for GVariant usage (LP: #784890)
  * Making GTK 3 default build
  * Removing the SerializableMenuitem object
* debian/rules: Making GTK2 the special build

[ Ken VanDine ]
* +debian/libdbusmenu-jsonloader4.symbols
* debian/*.symbols
  - Fixed sonames and removed all the duplicate symbols
* debian/*.install, debian/rules
  - Use cdbs to do the dual builds for gtk2/gtk3
* debian/control
  - Updated standards version to 3.9.2
  - Set version on the json-glib build depends to >= 0.13.4
  - Make gir1.2-dbusmenu-glib-0.4 break gir1.2-unity-3.0 and
    gir1.2-indicate-0.5 built against older versions of dbusmenu to
    prevent breakage in python apps that use gir loading multiple versions
    of dbusmenu-glib

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