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77. By Adam Conrad

90-alsa-ucm.rules: Trigger on ATTRS{id}=="SDP4430|Panda" (LP: #746023)

76. By Luke Yelavich

[ David Henningsson ]
* Fix the UCM SDP4430 udev rule so it actually runs alsaucm (LP: #803448)

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* Add upstream changes: 3bea722b-alsamixer-fix-64-bit.patch,
  471191ab-speaker-test.1.patch, 8709ffe8-amixer-fix-tlv.patch

75. By Oliver Grawert

add udev rule to initialize SDP4430 (TI omap4 pandaboard)
with proper defaults with the alsa use case manager (LP: #746023)

74. By Luke Yelavich

Remove omap4 alsa init configuration files, as its likely to conflict with
UCM (LP: #760571)

73. By David Henningsson

[ David Henningsson ]
* Mute CD playback volume by default (LP: #747184)

[ Marcin Juszkiewicz ]
* Fixed postinst to not fail on fresh installs. (LP: #753544)

72. By Luke Yelavich

debian/postinst: Make sure /etc/init/alsa-mixer-save.conf exists before
trying to remove it (LP: #737738)

71. By Colin Watson

Remove '(mounted MOUNTPOINT=/usr) and (mounted MOUNTPOINT=/var)' from
/etc/init/alsa-restore.conf's 'start on' condition. Not only is this
redundant, because runlevel [2345] already implies that /usr and /var
have been mounted, but it deadlocks mountall in the event of /usr and
/var both being separate filesystems (LP: #723482).

70. By Luke Yelavich

[ David Henningsson ]
* New upstream release.
* Drop our own alsa mixer init script and udev rule, in favour of upstream's
  alsactl. Move most existing volume settings to the alsactl database.
* Dropped patches:
  - move_asound_state_to_var.patch
  - remove_alsaconf.patch
  - alsactl_init_update_to_52bd2f8a_head.patch
* debian/rules: Call configure with --disable-alsaconf argument.
* debian/patches/alsactl_sbin.patch: Adjust upstream udev rule to call
  alsactl in /sbin.

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* Create 2 new upstart jobs for storing, and restoring alsa mixer levels, to
  perform the same functionality as the systemd jobs used by RedHat et al.
* Remove or clean up files:
  - debian/dirs
  - debian/init
  - debian/udev.*
* debian/control: Build depend on libasound2-dev >=
* debian/postinst: Remove alsa-mixer-save.conf on upgrade
* debian/changelog.ALSA: Updated
* debian/rules: No need to run the alsa upstart jobs on package

69. By Luke Yelavich

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* Merge from debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - debian/init:
    + wait until /usr/bin and /var/lib/alsa exist
    + only display an error when dealing with alsactl if there is no card
    + Set sane level for 'Speaker' and 'Headphone', needed for Dell Mini 9
      and Dell E series
    + ute PC Beep on hda cards that support it during initial volume setup
    + update lsb header to indicate no running of the script unless the
      udev rule is run
    + Mute *Analog/Digital Control for Creative cards by default
    + Default Digital Input Source to be Digital Mic 1 so that users
      with digital mic will be able to use it out of the box
    + Mute "IEC958 Optical Raw" by default
    + Set sane level for headphone 1 for Dell Studio XPS with 2.6.30
    + Don't muck with sound card state if alsactl restore fails
    + Don't wait for 1 second after alsactl store
    + Stop muting on reboot/shutdown
    + Prefer built-in digital mics on newer Dells
    + Unmute 'Line HP Swap' for Dove boards
  - debian/rules:
    + ship udev rules file in /lib/udev/rules.d
    + Do not install start symlinks for the alsa-utils init script, it gets
      run from a udev rule
  - debian/udev.script: do not use hotplug functions
  - debian/README.init.cs4236: Include in /usr/share/doc/alsa-utils so that
    users of snd-cs4236 (e.g., ThinkPad 600) can have audible sound
  - debian/patches/unset_pulse_internal.patch: We don't want alsamixer to
    show the pulse mixer by default, since it can be controlled from
    pulseaudio itself
  - debian/patches/fix_misspelling_speaker-test_man_page.patch: Fix
    misspelling in speaker-test(1)
  - Remove alsaconf from build system and remove po files
  - Create an upstart job specifically saving mixer levels to resolve race
  - Version build-dep to upstart-aware debhelper.
  - Move the initscript into /sbin. We now have an upstart job just for
    handling alsactl store
  - Include several changes from upstream git master:
    + upstream git changesets:
    + dcb90a77 - Use "Found hardware:" instead "Unknown hardware:"
    + 7f6a55e2 - use "generic method" instead "guess method"
    + 52bd2f8a - Handle "Capture Source" and "Mic Boost"
    + ef919a47 - Initialize also "Master Front Playback Volume" & "Switch"

[ Oliver Grawert ]
* debian/patches/add_omap4_support.patch: [adds support for the OMAP4
  Pandaboard as well as for the OMAP4 Blaze SDP4430 SoC]
* debian/init add a separate call to alsactl init in case an SDP4430 or
  OMAP4 Pandaboard is detected. This ASoC driver requires explicit
  initialization currently (LP: #637947)

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* debian/init: Fix naming of script (LP: #654902)

68. By Daniel T Chen

debian/udev.script: Use 'alsa-utils', not 'alsactl' directly
(LP: #645869)

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