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12. By Martin Pitt on 2011-03-20

* debian/control: Drop python-rsvg and python-cairo from Depends to
  Suggests, it's a too heavy build dependency, causing dependency loops.
  Point out rationale for the Suggests in the package description.
  (LP: #734471)
* debian/cmpsvg: If rsvg or cairo modules aren't available, exit
  successfully with an error message.

11. By Martin Pitt on 2011-03-15

* New upstream bzr snapshot:
  - Add the option --no-renderer-workaround.
  - Fix gradient corruption. (LP: #702423)
  - Add option to only remove autogenerated id's. (LP: #492277)
  - Fix Windows line ending handling. (LP: #717826)
  - Fix occasional production of empty defs. (LP: #717254)
  - Remove more attributes with default values. (LP: #714731)
  - Fix wrong handling of file:// references. (LP: #708515)
  - Delete text attributes from groups with only non-text elements.
    (LP: #714727)
  - Remove unnecessary text-align properties from non-text elements.
    (LP: #714720)
  - Fix wrong optimization of 0-length B├ęzier curves. (LP: #714717)
  - Fix decimal number processing in rule_elliptical_arc(). (LP: #638764)
  - Fix transform matrix order. (LP: #722544)
* Drop 01-bzr195.patch, upstream now.
* debian/cmpsvg: Fix computation of difference to add up the absolute
  difference of each pixel.
* debian/cmpsvg: Show percentages with three digits after comma.
* debian/cmpsvg: Lower default treshold to 0.05%.

10. By Martin Pitt on 2011-03-11

* Add debian/cmpsvg: Simple python script for fuzzy-comparing two SVGs. Add
  python-rsvg and python-cairo dependencies for this.
* debian/python-scour.install: Install cmpsvg.
* debian/dh_scour: Call cmpsvg after scour, and only accept the optimized
  file if cmpsvg succeeds. This avoids shipping broken SVGs due to scour
  bugs. (LP: #702423)

9. By Alessio Treglia on 2011-02-10

debian/dh_scour: Use --disable-style-to-xml option by default (LP: #690994).

8. By Martin Pitt on 2010-12-31

releasing version 0.25+bzr194-0ubuntu4

7. By Martin Pitt on 2010-12-31

debian/dh_scour: Use --disable-style-to-xml option by default.
(LP: #690994)

6. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-05

releasing version 0.25+bzr194-0ubuntu3

5. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-05

debian/dh_scour: Don't fall over if scour fails to process an SVG file.
Just leave it untouched. (LP: #671407)

4. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-02

releasing version 0.25+bzr194-0ubuntu2

3. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-02

Add debian/scour.pm: Debhelper 7 sequencer.

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