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132. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2011-04-14

* debian/patches/git_disconn_secrets_reqs_b613a17.patch: fix cleaning up
  NMVPNManager objects when stopping the deamon. (LP: #737713)
* debian/patches/git_wwan_state_detection_d0a1b23.patch: fix enabled state
  detection. (LP: #756553)
* debian/patches/git_wired_ap_scan_value_a262dc4.patch: wired 802.1x
  connections need to set ap_scan=0 for the supplicant, which apparently had
  been dropped at some point.

131. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2011-04-04

* debian/control: split libnm-glib2 into a separate binary for the VPN parts
  of the API, the new package will be called libnm-glib-vpn1. (LP: #745769)
* debian/libnm-glib2.install, debian/libnm-glib-vpn1.install: update to
  correctly install just libnm-glib-vpn.so.* from libnm-glib-vpn1.
* debian/libnm-glib2.symbols, debian/libnm-glib-vpn1.symbols: move symbol
  definitions for libnm-glib-vpn.so to their own package.
* debian/control: depend on libnm-glib-vpn1 from libnm-glib2, as a
  transitional measure to maintain compatibility with the VPN plugins.
* debian/control: have libnm-glib2 and libnm-glib-vpn1 Breaks/Conflicts with
  previous revisions of libnm-glib2, for upgrade purposes.

130. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2011-03-23

* upstream snapshot 2011-03-19 17:56:09 (GMT)
  + d14809b6ae1986372bc2bc25f2f92f501f0f678a
  - logging: fix format string/argument disagreements
  - logging: clean up logging macros and helper
  - release: bump version to (0.8.4-rc1)
  - api: fix mistakenly absent Dhcp6Config device property
  - libnm-glib: make sure nm_device_get_dhcp6_config() is visible
  - arch: create /var/run/NetworkManager if doesn't exist in initscripts
    (bgo #643902)
  - po: remove useless ' ' for French translation (bgo #644110)
  - ifupdown: normalize keys using - or _ (debian #609831)
  - build: fix unresolved symbols when building gtk-doc scanner with GCC 4.5
  - dnsmasq: remove unused variable
  - dnsmasq: send no config file instead of a bogus one (LP: #725041)
  - core: fix some code that required glib 2.26
  - keyfile: trivial whitespace fixes
  - settings: fix some code that required glib 2.26
  - release: bump version to (0.8.4-beta3)
  - build: fix bug tracker link
  - dhcp: don't quit if we can't find a usable DHCP client (bgo #643575)
  - keyfile: write certificates and keys in a human-readable manner
  - ifcfg-rh: fix leak writing out certificate blobs
  - keyfile: allow paths to be used for certificates and private keys
  - include: add NM_CHECK_VERSION define
  - core: fix sorting connections after timestamps handling change
  - examples: simplify system wifi connection example
  - examples: new example for adding system WPA EAP-TLS wifi connection
  - ifcfg-rh: fix testcases now that timestamps are no longer written
* debian/patches/dnsmasq_conffile_conn_sharing.patch: drop, applied upstream.
* debian/patches/fix_sorting_connections_w_tstamp_3194cb9.patch: included.
* debian/patches/gtkdoc-build-requires-gobject.patch: drop, applied upstream.
* debian/libnm-glib2.symbols: add new nm_device_get_dhcp6_config@Base symbol.
* debian/patches/99_printf_formatting_fixes.patch: replace %zd formats with
  the appropriate format modifiers for time_t and unsigned long.
* debian/network-manager-dev.install: install missing nm-version.h include.

129. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2011-03-04

* upstream snapshot 2011-02-28 14:39:01 (GMT) (LP: #726820)
  + 5cdded6b66bdc371acb29e76187b174c55c11470
  - docs: explicitly list libnm-glib objects
  - libnm-util: fix parameter name for docs generator
  - api: add missing Settings.System D-Bus interface bits
  - ifcfg-rh: get rid of LAST_CONNECT
  - core/libnm-glib: don't touch files in /etc when updating timestamps
  - release: bump version to (0.8.4-beta2)
  - api: document more VPN connection failure codes (bgo #643324)
  - libnm-util: silently ignore non-secrets when updating connection secrets
  - libnm-util: fix updating secrets (rh #680385)
  - keyfile: fix tests for no-longer-required serial and PPP settings
  - ip6: fail activation if addrconf fails to start
  - core: don't require serial and PPP settings for mobile broadband
  - ppp: fix warning when PPP support is disabled
  - libnm-util: bump version for several recent changes
  - release: bump version to (0.8.4-beta1)
  - release: update NEWS with changes since 0.8.2
  - libnm-util: fix updating secrets
  - core: flush IPv6 routes even if configuration failed (bgo #641333)
    (LP: #704812)
  - libnm-util: remove GObject Introspection annotations
  - gentoo: simplify OpenRC detection
  - libnm-util: add nm_connection_diff()
  - dns: fix up updating resolv.conf (rh #672282)
  - Revert "libnm-glib: return enums for NMAccessPoint flags accessors"
  - build: allow disabling PPP support at build time
  - core: fix dbus-glib crash on shutdown with systemd
  - libnm-glib: return enums for NMAccessPoint flags accessors
  - libnm-util: fix description of bluetooth setting type property
  - test: don't crash libnm-glib if there are no devices for an active
  - test: don't crash libnm-glib-test if there aren't any APs
* debian/patches/revert_52f2295.patch: dropped, fixed upstream.
* debian/libnm-util1.symbols: adding new symbols introduced upstream:
  - nm_connection_diff
  - nm_setting_diff
* debian/patches/fix_sorting_connections_w_tstamp_3194cb9.patch: fix sorting
  connections following upstream commit 7d707bd, which is necessary for auto
* debian/patches/dnsmasq_conffile_conn_sharing.patch: don't pass a bogus conf
  file to dnsmasq, just pass no file parameter (LP: #725041)
* debian/rules: enable build-time tests. (LP: #727395)
* debian/patches/70_lp145653_no_sigaction_for_crashes.patch: add .pc file
  generated by quilt to POTFILES.skip, otherwise the build will fail due to
  the tests we now run detecting a localizable file missing from templates.

128. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2011-02-11

debian/patches/revert_52f2295.patch: revert upstream commit 52f2295,
"libnm-util: fix possible crash in nm_setting_update_secrets()",
until it can be further investigated: it breaks at least PPTP VPNs.

127. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2011-02-11

* upstream snapshot 2011-02-10 15:27:33 (GMT)
  + 00327fb82d5cb9d9dc63abe6477baf819fcffdd9
  - cli: improve/add NM running checks
  - cli: don't poke NetworkManager D-Bus service names when it's not running
  - logging: don't print extraneous newline in syslog
  - libnm-util: make NM_SETTING_IP4_CONFIG_DHCP_SEND_HOSTNAME property TRUE
    by default (rh #488975)
  - settings: fix plugin capabilities max value
  - vpn: fix memory leak when activating a VPN connection
  - vpn: fix VPN active connection D-Bus API handling (bgo #569294)
  - build: turn off set-but-not-used variable warnings in new GCC
  - cli: add support for WWAN connections for 'nmcli con up' (bgo #640020)
  - libnm-util: fix possible crash in nm_setting_update_secrets()
  - wired: clear wired secrets tries counter when appropriate
  - wifi: clear wireless secrets tries counter when deactivating
  - core: lack of an IPv4 setting indicates DHCP (novell #664640)
  - core: handle D-Bus disconnect better on exit
  - policy: don't update hostname on exit
  - modem: handle IP Method changes after modem has been created
* debian/control: bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
* debian/control: fix/cleanup Description fields, move Homepage to its field.
* debian/network-manager.postrm: cleanup old cruft, partially sync to Debian.
* debian/network-manager.preinst: cleanup, sync some parts with Debian.
* debian/network-manager.postinst: cleanup, sync parts with Debian.
* debian/network-manager.preinst,
  Move NM's main config file to /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf.
* debian/nm-system-settings.conf: renamed to NetworkManager.conf.
* debian/network-manager.install:
  - mostly sync with Debian.
  - install NetworkManager.conf rather than nm-system-settings.conf.
* debian/compat: using debhelper 7, compat should have been at 7 long ago.

126. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2011-02-07

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* debian/source_network-manager.py:
  - Replace HAL usage by udev and other means. (LP: #654900)
  - Make Gconf/settings/scan results inclusion conditional (LP: #389702)
* debian/patches/gtkdoc-build-requires-gobject.patch: explicitly link against
  gobject-2.0 to build documentation files.

[ Thomas Bechtold ]
* Install gtk-doc API with libnm-util-dev and libnm-glib-dev (LP: #706965)
  - update debian/libnm-glib-dev.install
  - update debian/libnm-util-dev.install
* Regenerate libnm-glib, libnm-util documentation at build time
  - update debian/rules

125. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2010-12-20

* upstream snapshot 2010-12-19 18:11:18 (GMT)
  + e91921814569bf9033fa0779837a77b22eb98e4a
  - libnm-util: fix a memory leak in nm_setting_to_string()
  - various ipv6 fixes
  - libnm-util: fix nm_utils_security_valid() checks for Ad-Hoc APs
  - dns: direct IPv4 reverse DNS queries to split DNS servers
  - policy: stop touching /etc/hosts
  - dhclient: split out dhclient config merging and add testcases
  - dhclient: explicitly request WPAD option (bgo #368423)
* Drop the patch to not write localhost.localdomain in /etc/hosts, it's no
  longer needed now that NM doesn't change the hosts file.
  - delete debian/patches/never-localhostlocaldomain.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* debian/libnm-glib2.symbols: Add new symbols for libnm-glib2:
  + nm_dhcp6_config_get_one_option
  + nm_dhcp6_config_get_options
  + nm_dhcp6_config_get_type
  + nm_dhcp6_config_new
* Add vpn-up/vpn-down options for the NM dispatcher script. This should really
  fix bug 661951. (LP: #661951)
  - update debian/network-manager-dispatcher.script

124. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2010-12-10

* upstream snapshot 2010-12-09 06:19:29 (GMT)
  + 638fb1878019ac75617b653d13f4970af6e9c970
  - core: correct TIMESTAMP type; fixes potential crash when time() is 32bit
    (LP: #686320)
  - libnm-glib: actually define the "ip-interface" property
  - ifupdown: Correctly mark unmanaged devices (debian #569215)
  - ifupdown: Allow to mark bridge ports as unmanaged (debian #530335)
* Finish fixing daily builds: explicitly checkout/switch to the branch we're
  interested in before pulling new revisions so that it get properly updated.
  - update debian/rules
* Revert s390 devices patch, it was applied upstream.
  - remove debian/patches/fix-natty-build.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Add support for the 'hostname' dispatcher action that would previously
  trigger useless "exited with error status 1" messages (but not actually
  break anything). For now it will just exit doing nothing. (LP: #661951)
  - update debian/network-manager-dispatcher.script

123. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2010-11-22

* upstream snapshot 2010-11-18 22:30:39 (GMT)
  + d60a988518cb0851488bc21732271a971877cdcd

[ Evan Broder ]
* Check for notify-reboot-required, instead of depending on it being
  available. (LP: #669925)

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* explicitly always get HEAD rather than the branch's name in get-orig-source
  - update debian/rules
* drop do-not-include-netif.patch; the header conflict was fixed in a kernel
  - remove debian/patches/do-not-include-netif.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Short-circuit the /etc/hosts update mechanisms to avoid adding useless
  localhost(6?).localdomain(6?) on loopback addresses. (LP: #677496)
  - add debian/patches/never-localhostlocaldomain.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

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