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146. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-10-05

debian/patches/70_select-ppd-by-command-set.patch: If a PPD does not have
a device ID or if it has a device ID without CMD: field, do not give a
lower priority to it. Give only lower priorities if the PPD has a CMD:
field without any matching PDL. This avoids that Foomatic PPDs with full
device ID are prioritized against HP's original PostScript printer PPDs
without device ID at all (LP: 653814).

145. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-16

debian/patches/70_select-ppd-by-command-set.patch: Updated the patch so
that a PPD is prioritized if already one of the PDLs listed in its device
ID matches a PDL in the printer's device ID (comment #2 in Red Hat bug

144. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-15

* debian/patches/75_do-not-list-duplicate-ppd-nicknames.patch: Avoid
  duplicate listings of the same PPD file. According to the Adobe specs
  different PPDs have to have different NickName entries. Therefore
  we suppress repeated listing of the same NickName.
* debian/patches/73_mark-selection-of-best-fitting-ppd.patch: After
  searching the best matching PPD for the detected printer only make
  and model got saved not the actually best matching PPD, making
  the patch to select PPDs by command set (CMD:) useless.
* debian/patches/70_select-ppd-by-command-set.patch: Updated the
  patch to not selecting PPDs by exactly matching the content of the
  CMD: field of the device ID, but instead, select the PPDs whose device
  ID definitions contain only PDLs (page description languages) which the
  detected printer reports in its device ID (Red Hat bug #630058).

143. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-10

* debian/patches/67_improve-make-model-driver-list.patch: Improved and
  cleaned the way how make/model/driver combos get listed and also fixed
  the default driver selection for many printers:
   o Of some printer model names (like "Epson PX V500") parts of the name
     were considered a PPD version number and cut off.
   o Removed "Printer" from Apollo printer model names to reduce duplicates
   o Generally removed "PS" from the end of printer model names, so that
     the printer with and without an optional PostScript add-on is considered
     the same model (see especially the printers from Sharp).
   o Invalidated bogus model names which came in from the "*Product:" fields
     of some PPD files, like "CUPS" or "GPL Ghostscript".
   o If a printer is supported by manufacturer-supplied PPD files for both
     PostScript and PCL, the PCL file will be selected preferably, so that
     the printer will work also if an optional PostScript add-on is not
     installed (see printers from Gestetner, Infotec, Infoprint, Lanier, NRG,
     Ricoh, Savin).
   o Recognize Foomatic-generated PPDs as such also after the packaging
     change from Foomatic-XML data (foomatic-db) to a compressed PPD archive
   o Make Foomatic driver recommendations be taken into account also if the
     printer's manufacturer name is "Generic".
   o Do not do model name clean-up on PPDs which are supplied with CUPS or
     Ghostscript. These names get crippled otherwise.
   o Avoid applying model name clean-up twice.
* debian/patches/70_select-ppd-by-command-set.patch: If both the detected
  device ID and the device ID in the PPD ("*1284DeviceID: ...") have a CMD
  field, exact matches of the CMD field prioritize the PPD file. This way
  especially for printers with optional PostScript add-on the correct PPD
  gets selected (requested by Ricoh).

142. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-09-09

* All Fixes backported from system-config-printer 1.2.4.
* debian/patches/55_avoid-connecting-to-cups-twice-in-ppdsloader.patch:
  Avoid that two connections to CUPS are done to obtain a list of the
  locally available PPD files/drivers. This makes finding the driver for
  a detected printer significantly faster.
* debian/patches/57_catch-key-error-from-lookup-cached-by-name.patch:
  Avoid a traceback source in the job viewer.
* debian/patches/60_correct-python-shebang.patch: Make sure that always
  the system's Python interpreter (/usr/bin/python) and never a locally
  added one (like /usr/local/bin/python) is used.
* debian/patches/63_list-of-jockey-installed-files-is-array-not-set.patch:
  Fixed an obvious typo.
* debian/patches/65_udev-configure-printer-bluetooth-support.patch:
  Bluetooth printer support for udev-configure-printer.

141. By Vish on 2010-07-28

debian/control: Changed section from python to gnome to not show up
inappropriately in Python Category in Software Center (LP: #554174).

140. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-07-27

Fixed patch because many drivers/PPDs did not get listed, especially
all Foomatic PPDs and LSB-based packages issued by OpenPrinting
(LP: #610428).

139. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-07-23

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.2.x snapshot from 23 July 2010
   o Applied one year's collection of patches upstream
   o Minor bug fixes and translation updates
* debian/patches/01_delay_autostart.patch,
  Removed, incorporated upstream.

138. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-07-21

* debian/patches/53_printer-ppd-association-take-into-account-product-lines.patch:
  If a PPD contains one or more "*Product:" lines, take these into account
  as alternative model names when associating PPDs with detected printer
  models. Some PPDs, especially from HP are for various different printer
  models which are listed in "*Product:" lines. Up to now, no printer setup
  tools made use of these lines. Especially the PostScript PPD file for the
  HP Color LaserJet CM 1312 series mentions taht it supports also the
  CM1312nfi only in one of many "*Product:" lines and therefore this printer
  gets automatically installed in PCL mode, as for PCL there are PPDs having
  this printer in "*ModelName:" (LP: #561264).

* debian-control: Require version 1.9.51-0ubuntu2 or newer of python-cups.

* debian/patches/57_backend-integration-dnssd-bluetooth.patch,
  debian/patches/57_backend-integration-blueto oth.patch,
  debian/patches/95_dnssd-device-identification.patch: Reorganized patches to
  avoid overlapping of the changes.

137. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-07-13

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.2.x snapshot from 13 July 2010
   o Version 1.2.3 plus some additional fixes and translations
   o Plug'n'Print also for Bluetooth printers now.
   o Do not automatically set up a print queue if a driver executable is
   o Improvements on device ID handling: Discovery via SNMP, non-UTF-8
     environments, ignore the deprecated hal backend.
   o Avoid Yes/No buttons (Upstream bug #204).
   o Re-introduced and added keyboard accelerators for system-config-printer
     itself and for the job viewer.
   o New HIG-compliant job viewer UI. Thanks to Sergey Nizovtsev for the
     patch (LP: #555213, upstream bug #205).
   o Attempt to translate backend device-info strings and other fixes
     on the translation mechanism (LP: #557199).
   o Fixed markup in error pop-ups (LP: #567324).
   o Made width of "Verify" button in New Printer Wizard adapt to the length
     of the actual translation of "Verify" (LP: #575048).
   o Make Kyocera detected if it reports only the model name (Upstreamized
     LP: #564633).
   o Removed doubled-up 'translatable' attribute in UI file (LP: #571662).
   o Handle IPP failure fetching printer attrs for completed jobs
     (LP: #561082).
   o Many more bug fixes and UI improvements.
   o Translation updates.
* debian/patches/57_backend-integration-dnssd-bluetooth.patch,
  Regenerated to work with new upstream code.
* debian/patches/97_add-missing-make-name-kyocera-mita.patch: Removed
  patches for upstream fixes.
* debian/patches/57_backend-integration-dnssd-bluetooth.patch: To check for
  HP fax devices do not do an exact match of "Fax" with the model name but
  check whether the model name begins with "Fax".
* debian/patches/44_no-runtime-error-on-missing-firewall.patch: Let the
  firewall functions exit silently if there is no firewall service on the
* debian/patches/50_give-priority-to-hpcups.patch: Prioritize hpcups against
  HPIJS again. It should have matured enough now.
* debian/system-config-printer-common.install: Added new dnssdresolve.py
* debian/rules: Added directory settings for UDEV rules and scripts to the
  "make install" command line.
* debian/control: Added libglib2.0-dev as build dependency, needed for the
  Bluetooth Plug'n'Print support.

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