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92. By Gary Lasker

* lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/icon-data-for-3.0:
  - remove the need for inline icon data from the agent, instead
    download icons directly using the provided URL (LP: #914054)

91. By Michael Vogt

cherry pick fix to allow webkit to create additional windows
during the purchasethis is needed to support PayPal in the
purchase process (LP: #893988)

90. By Gary Lasker

* softwarecenter/utils.py,
  - obfuscate private ppa details in the error log output and in
    the error dialog itself, add corresponding unit test
    (LP: #807745)

89. By Gary Lasker

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/db/update.py,
  - track cataloged_time for items not in axi (e.g. for-purchase apps)
    so that they will show up in What's New, add/modify unit tests
    per the changes (LP: #684077)
  - fix icon display that have a "." in it (LP: #745942)
* softwarecenter/db/update.py,
  - fix screenshot issues for apps for purchase and update unit
    test (LP: #791932)

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* softwarecenter/apt/apthistory.py:
  - fix startup crash if the history file is corrupted (LP: #725186)

88. By Michael Vogt

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/utils.py,
  - disable find-it-in-the-menu under Unity (LP: #639701)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* softwarecenter/app.py:
  - on a invalid locale, reset the locale to "C" to avoid
    later crashes in the apthistory that uses strptime
    (lp: #630248)

87. By Michael Vogt

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py:
  - fix crash during reload (LP: #673991)

86. By Michael Vogt

* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py:
  - when enabling a channel like "Canonical Partner", ensure
    that the initial reload of the package data works
    (LP: #666956)

85. By Michael Vogt

[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* fix rendering with Ambiance theme (LP: #635208)

[ Kiwinote ]
* softwarecenter/app.py:
  - support launching apturls via alt+F2 in gnome (LP: #653889)
* softwarecenter/db/update.py:
  - use 'X-GNOME-FullName' rather than 'Name', when available (LP: #651260)
    (test case: software-center cheese empathy evolution gwibber)
* softwarecenter/view/appview.py:
  - unblock pkg if transaction is cancelled (LP: #652903)
    (test case: launch s-c with a list view, choose a pkg, click install,
     cancel auth, click install again, install should work as normal)
* softwarecenter/view/availablepane.py:
  - don't show 'hide 1 technical item' in featured category (LP: #651236)
    (test case: browse to featured category (by clicking 'all'))
  - don't show 'hide technical items' in system category, as we don't
    have any apps to show (LP: #636854)
    (test case: browse to 'System' category)
* softwarecenter/view/historypane.py:
  - correctly split pkgnames for pkg transactions dated before 28-ish July
    (LP: #651241)
    (test case: view transaction in history pane dated pre 28 July)
* softwarecenter/view/viewswitcher.py:
  - emit 'transactions-changed' signal after connecting to the backend so
    that we display any pending transactions (LP: #652927)
    (see bug report for test case)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py:
  - use keyserver.ubuntu.com on port 80 by default to avoid problems
    on machines that filter the port 11371
* softwarecenter/backend/restfulclient.py, softwarecenter/enums.py:
  - use plain http for the "what-is-available" API call
* send user default language for "/apps" and "/subscription" requests
  now that the server is ready for this

84. By Michael Vogt

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/view/appview.py:
  - fix intermittent crash in _set_cursor (LP: #617004)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* Create the log directory not on the import paths.py. Otherwise
  if the user upgrades using a sudo based tool (like apt-get) he
  may end up with a root owned log (LP: #652151)
* softwarecenter/paths.py
  - ensure we don't create directories in /home when running as
  - When detecting a not writable cache dir, try to remove it
    so that it gets re-created later with the right permissions.
    That will undo the damage in bug LP: #652151

83. By Michael Vogt

* softwarecenter/view/softwarepane.py:
  - Fix incorrect hide of the technical items search bar
    (LP: #646584)
* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py, softwarecenter/utils.py:
  - Test if we have a Release.gpg file after a new for-pay repository
    was added. In the initial update() the backend/libapt does not know
    yet if a signed repo should be expected. If the Release.gpg file
    is missing, re-try the operation. This should fix the
    "unauthenticated" errors for the ricks-wallpapers purchase
* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py:
  - fix crash when the aptdaemon dies
  - improve logging for purchase processing
* softwarecenter/log.py:
  - improve logging format
  - keep log in ~/.cache/software-center/software-center.log

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