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127. By Michael Vogt

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/view/softwarepane.py:
  - display the offer to add an application to the launcher
    for the duration of the time that the details view
    is showing (LP: #765389)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* test/test_unity_launcher_integration.py:
  - update tests
* update version number for natty-final

126. By Michael Vogt

* softwarecenter/log.py:
  - deal with not accessible ~/.cache/software-center directory
    (LP: #688682)
* softwarecenter/paths.py:
  - check for SUDO_USER before xdg is imported, otherwise the
    check has no effect (LP: #688682)
* softwarecenter/{paths,enums}.py, utils/update-software-center-agent:
  - remove unneeded xdg.BaseDirectory import
* utils/update-software-center-agent, softwarecenter/enums.py:
  - remove unused imports, make imports explicit (thanks pyflakes)

125. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* utils/submit_review.py:
  - add missing gettext call
* softwarecenter/view/widgets/reviews.py:
  - fix i18n for strings in class data

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/backend/channel.py:
  - don't display private PPA sources for purchased
    items (LP: #748459)

124. By Michael Vogt

[ Gary Lasker ]
* utils/submit_review.py,
  - string fixes for translation (LP: #762893)
* po/software-center.pot:
  - refresh .pot file
* softwarecenter/backend/restfulclient.py,
  - use more robust get_language method in utils.py,
    fixes crash when getting the default language (LP: #753211)
* softwarecenter/distro/Ubuntu.py:
  - don't crash if we can't get the icon url (LP: #719146)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* utils/get_reviews_helper.py, utils/get_review_stats_helper.py:
  - do not crash on broken pipe errors (LP: #761775, #761502)

123. By Michael Vogt

* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py:
  - do not crash if trans.error is None (LP: #761642)
* softwarecenter/view/appdetailsview_gtk.py,
  - fix flickering during purchase install by more carefully
    checking if the app just became availalbe
* utils/get_reviews_helper.py, utils/get_review_stats_helper.py:
  - fix crash when the server returns a API error (LP: #761452)
  - fix pyflakes warnins
* softwarecenter/db/reviews.py:
  - ensure pkgname is a str (and not unicode), otherwise
    glib.spawn_async crashes (LP: #761357)
* softwarecenter/backend/zeitgeist_simple.py:
  - do not crash if a zeitgeist has no subjects (LP: #761905)

122. By Michael Vogt

* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py:
  - do not crash if a-x-i is not installed (LP: #760090)
* softwarecenter/view/appdetailsview_gtk.py,
  - fixes in the i18n handling (LP: #760807)
* softwarecenter/db/reviews.py:
  - in get_review() do not use the untranslate appname, we only need
    the pkgname (may fix #761357)
  - improve error reporting if the get_reviews_helper fails
    (to fix #761357)

121. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* softwarecenter/db/reviews.py:
  - do not crash on multiple origins for the same version
    (LP: #756415)
* softwarecenter/db/application.py:
  - ensure docid is updated on database reopen() (LP: #757054)
* softwarecenter/models/appstore.py:
  - refresh docids in active searches if the database is reopend
    (LP: #710920)
* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py:
  - do not run update-apt-xapian-index in --update mode to avoid
    in-place database modfications (LP: #507836)
* test/test_load_icons.py:
  - add test for the icon loader
* merged lp:~glatzor/software-center/force-bad-quality, this
  fixes the missing ability to override the lintian warning
  (LP: #712377)
* don't show reviews if we can't determine the origin
* fix crash when enabling new components (LP: #636429)
* fix missing details when a channel or a component just got added

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/app.py:
  - temporarily disable the deauth option until we have support
    for remove repository in aptdaemon (see LP: #723911)
* softwarecenter/backend/aptd.py :
  - fix empty error dialog for the case where aptdaemon returns
    an error code with no value (LP: #747172)
  - fix intermittent crash when updating the a-x-i (LP: #657494)
* softwarecenter/models/viewswitcherlist.py:
  - mark string "In Progress..." for translation, many thanks to
    Hendrik Knackstedt and Florian Greinus for finding this
    (LP: #759240)
* softwarecenter/view/catview_gtk.py:
  - fix broken translation string (LP: #758656)
* refresh .pot file
* softwarecenter/db/update.py:
  - fix crash when reinstalling previous purchases (LP: #760353)

120. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* softwarecenter/db/update.py:
  - do not crash if /var/lib/apt-xapian-index/cataloged_times.p can
    not be read (LP: #636049)
* merged lp:~mvo/software-center/get-reviews-subprocess (LP: #743020):
  - don't use multiprocessing anymore, instead glib.spawn_async()
    a helper app, this finally fixes the crashes with accessibility
    turned on (LP: #743020)
  - update rnrclient_pristine.py to the latest upstream version
    that supports origin and distroseries as arguments
  - add support for getting all the origins of the DB, this is
    needed for the new rnrclient_pristine.py functionatlity
  - ship get_reviews_helper.py, get_review_stats_helper.py for
    the glib.spawn_async() change
  - this also makes the reviews fully work in the guest session again

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/db/reviews.py:
  - update review loader to check for JoinableQueue rather than
    Queue so that we re-enable the ReviewLoaderThreadedRNRClient
    (LP: #754639)
* utils/submit_review.py:
  - remove two strings marked for translation that are never
    actually shown in the ui, also add translators note for
    combobox entries (LP: #750421)
* refresh .pot file

[ Aaron Peachey ]
* softwarecenter/view/widgets/reviews.py:
  - advise user that app needs to be installed in order to review,
    even if reviews exist (LP: #754879)

119. By Michael Vogt

[ Matthew McGowan ]
* softwarecenter/view/appdetailsview_gtk.py,
  - tweak color of review stars in details view and the
    review dialog to match listview color (LP: #753620)

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/view/basepane.py:
  - fix crash if the edit menu is activated while viewing
    the pending view or the history pane (LP: #754153)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* softwarecenter/apt/apthistory.py:
  - fix showing newly installed apps in the history (thanks to
    Geliy Sokolov) LP: #612183)
* softwarecenter/db/reviews.py:
  - use a joinable queue in the multiprocessing code and ensure
    task_done/join is used (LP: #743020)

118. By Michael Vogt

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/view/purchaseview.py:
  - block signal handlers rather than disconnect them when
    the purchase screen is not showing
  - handle case where the nav bar buttons are used to navigate
    back to the details view from the purchase screen
* softwarecenter/view/availablepane.py,
  - make custom package lists work consistently for all
    combinations of package names (LP: #748827)
* softwarecenter/view/softwarepane.py,
  - fix ValueError crash that can occur when adding an
    app to the launcher (LP: #750144)
* softwarecenter/test/test_appdetails_view.py:
  - update unit test for the localized date strings
    in the details view
* refresh .pot file
* softwarecenter/test/test_unity_launcher_integration.py:
  - fix broken unit test
* softwarecenter/utils.py,
  - make add to unity launcher feature work correctly for
    purchased apps, add unit test for this (LP: #752951)

[ Robert Roth ]
* softwarecenter/view/historypane.py:
  - expand most recent day in the history view (LP: #644438)
  - fix ellipsis of summary text in the list view on a
    window resize (LP: #678442)
* softwarecenter/view/appdetailsview_gtk.py:
  - support localized date string for the installed date
    in the details view (LP: #751068)
* softwarecenter/models/appstore.py:
  - correctly display half star ratings in listviews and
    the carousels (LP: #746173)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* merged lp:~mmcg069/software-center/Bug477285 (LP: #477285),
  many thanks!
* merged lp:~weblive-dev/software-center/weblive-backend-fixes,
  many thanks!
* test/test_gui_buy_something.py:
  - fix test
* data/featured.menu.in:
  - tweaked for natty

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