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50. By Alex Valavanis <email address hidden> on 2011-03-19

Backport upstream patch 03-fix-kubuntu-document-properties.dpatch to
prevent a crash when opening the document properties dialog in
KDE (LP: #658055)

49. By Alex Valavanis <email address hidden> on 2011-02-15

Backport upstream patch 02-fix-cursor-redraw.dpatch to fix cursor
redraw in rulers (LP: #627134)

48. By Alex Valavanis on 2010-09-12

* Merge with Debian unstable (LP: #628048, LP: #401567, LP: #456248,
  LP: #463602, LP: #591986)
* debian/control:
  - Ubuntu maintainers
  - Promote python-lxml, python-numpy, python-uniconvertor to Recommends.
  - Demote pstoedit to Suggests (universe package).
  - Suggests ttf-dejavu instead of ttf-bitstream-vera (LP: #513319)
* debian/rules:
  - Run intltool-update on build (Ubuntu-specific).
  - Add translation domain to .desktop files (Ubuntu-specific).
* debian/dirs:
  - Add usr/share/pixmaps. Allow inkscape.xpm installation
* drop 50-poppler-API.dpatch (now upstream)
* drop 51-paste-in-unwritable-directory.dpatch (now upstream)

47. By Alex Valavanis on 2010-04-06

51-paste-in-unwritable-directory.dpatch, debian/control: Allow paste
from clipboard when in unwritable working directory (LP: #211607)

46. By Mathieu Comandon on 2010-04-03

debian/control: Replaced ttf-bitstream-vera suggestion with ttf-dejavu
(LP: #513319).

45. By Kees Cook on 2009-12-24

Brown paper bag update: actually use the correct version of the
source tree.

44. By Kees Cook on 2009-12-23

* Merge with Debian testing (LP: #498150). Remaining changes:
  - debian/control:
    - promote python-lxml, python-numpy, python-uniconvertor to Recommends.
    - demote pstoedit to Suggests (universe package).
    - drop libssl-dev, no longer needed (Debian bug 484527).
  - debian/rules:
    - Handle parallel builds via -j (Debian bug 562226).
    - Run intltool-update on build (Ubuntu-specific).
    - Add translation domain to .desktop files (Ubuntu-specific).
  - debian/watch:
    - Correctly handle "pre" versions (Debian bug 562225).
* 50-poppler-API.patch, debian/control: poppler 0.12.2 changed the
  GfxColorSpace API (LP: #487038).

43. By Kees Cook on 2009-10-14

New upstream pre-release, bug-fixes only (LP: #432328).

42. By Steve Langasek on 2009-09-05

No-change rebuild against libmagick++2.

41. By Bryce Harrington on 2009-07-02

* New upstream release.
  - Don't constrain maximization on small resolution devices (pre0)
    (LP: #348842)
  - Fixes segfault on startup (pre0)
    (LP: #391149)

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