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134. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-04-10

debian/control: Moved avahi-utils from Depends to Recommends, to get it
installed on standard installations but keep it removable for users who
do not want to use DNS-SD/mDNS (LP: #559780).

133. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-04-09

debian/patches/50_give-priority-to-hpcups.patch: Removed. hpcups has still
problems, so we continue with HPIJS as default (LP: #553573, LP: #539708,
LP: #538031, LP: #405116).

132. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-04-09

debian/patches/55_silence_printerdriversinstaller_errors.patch: Fixed
indentation error introduced when commentinmg out unwished lines
(LP: #559431).

131. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-04-09

For finding out which discovered network printer URIs belong to the same
printer avahi-browse is used to resolve the IP's of printers discovered
via DNS-SD. avahi-browse was called several times for each discovered
printer and sometimes took several seconds to complete or even did not
terminate at all. This froze system-config-printer very often. Now we
call avahi-browse only once and cache the output. In addition, we kill
it when it takes more than 2 seconds. This way the avahi-browse process
gets invisible for the user and still does its job (Should really fix
LP: #552398).

130. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-04-08

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* New upstream release
   o GIT master snapshot from 08 April 2010
   o For the last update from upstream we accidentally downloaded the
     master branch from GIT and not 1.1.x, so that upstream version from
     Lucid Feature Freeze is 1.1.91 in reality and not 1.1.17 as advertized.
     To fix the bugs of 1.1.91 (an unstable test release) we go now forward
     to 1.2.0 + bug fixes + translation updates.
   o No feature additions expected.
   o This release fixes especially LP: #557199 and LP: #552398
   o Possibly more bugs fixed.
   o Translations updated.
* debian/patches/53_fix-async-ipp-traceback.patch,
  debian/patches/73_finally-fixed-race-condition-in-asyncipp.patch: Removed
  patches for upstream fixes.
* debian/patches/10_menu_entries.patch,
  Regenerated to work with new upstream code.
* debian/system-config-printer-common.install: Added new check-device-ids.py
  file (debug tool, not used by the rest of system-config-printer).
* debian/system-config-printer-gnome.install: Added man pages.
* debian/local/testpage-a4.ps, debian/local/testpage-letter.ps: Replaced
  Ubuntu logo by the current one (LP: #542975).
* debian/patches/84_cache-also-device-id-in-network-printer-search.patch:
  When doing a network printer search on a given IP, cache not only the
  make-and-model string but also the device ID for subsequent connection
* debian/patches/86_fill-lpd-queue-list.patch: When probing an IP address
  whether it is an LPD printer and which the valid queue names are, the
  list of valid queue names did not get filled.
* debian/patches/88_physicaldevice-get-make-model-also-from-makeandmodel.patch:
  Let make and model for a network device also be determined by the
  make-and-model string and not only the device ID (which is often missing
  for detected network printers).
* debian/patches/90_physicaldevice-clean-socket-uris.patch: When several
  detected network printers are identified as one physical device, remove
  the default port 9100 from socket URIs, to avoid saving entries with
  duplicate URIs.
* debian/patches/92_do-not-search-driver-for-remote-cups-queues-with-driver.patch:
  If a queue to be set up with "ipp://..." URI points to a remote CUPS queue
  which has already a PPD on the server, we do not need to (and should not)
  search for a PPD/driver to set up locally. Now really recognize such queues
  and suppress driver configuration.
* debian/patches/57_backend-integration-dnssd-bluetooth.patch: Let Bluetooth
  printers get searched together with network printers, as the search takes
  longer. So USB and parallel printers and also network printer search
  methods appear nearly instantly. In the listing of network printers let
  not only IP addresses but also DNS-SD names appear.

[ Julien Lavergne ]
* debian/patches/10_menu_entries.patch: Update to not launch the applet in
  LXDE, until bug 323322 is fixed. (LP: #529472)

129. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-03-30

debian/patches/80_probe-printer-py-import-gobject.patch: Added missing
"import gobject".

128. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-03-29

* debian/patches/77_dnssd-backend-has-priority-against-ip-based-backends.patch:
  Let entries for the "dnssd" CUPS backend be listed before entries for the
  "socket", "lpd", and "ipp" backends in the list of connections for a
  network printer. This way users will set up printers preferably with URIs
  using DNS-SD/mDNS hostnames and not IPs. This way the printers also work
  reliably if the DHCP router assigns always a different IP to the printer
  when the printer is turned on.
* debian/patches/75_use-dnssd-uris-for-hplip.patch: Fixed check whether two
  network devices are the same printer. The check in the previous version of
  the patch always failed and made all detected devices get listed as
  separate printers (LP: #551106).

127. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-03-28

debian/patches/75_use-dnssd-uris-for-hplip.patch: When setting up a
network printer with an HPLIP URI, use an URI based on the DNS-SD
host name and not on the IP, as on many DHCP routers the IPs are not
kept constant (LP: #545737).

126. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-03-26

debian/control: Added dependency on avahi-utils, needed to determine
the IP of DNS-SD-advertized printers, so that one can find out which
results of the network scan come from the same printer. Should solve
the problems described in LP: #545737.

125. By Till Kamppeter on 2010-03-26

Finally fixed race condition in asyncipp (LP: #520466).

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