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117. By Mario Limonciello on 2010-04-23

* debian/patches/proper_shutdown_behavior_for_ubuntu.patch:
  - Drop support for a configurable shutdown or reboot command in the GUI
  - Only use DBUS for shutdown and halt

116. By Dave Walker on 2010-04-16

* New upstream snapshot (r24158)
  - work around XMLtv bug causing obscenely poor response.
* debian/control: Build-Depend on libmysqlclient16-dev, as previous
  depends are being removed from the archive. (LP: #563053)

115. By Dave Walker on 2010-04-15

[ Dave Walker (Daviey) ]
* New upstream snapshot (r24133)
  - Fixes crash of mythfrontend when upconverting audio to 5.1 (LP: #550562)
  - Improve Jamu handling of invalid database data (LP: #549352)
  - Remove mythtranscode's internal copy of the slow-delete code and instead
    send a request to the backend to delete the file. (LP: #481104)
  - LiveTV & recording with V4L cards on 64-bit backend fixed. (LP: #562690)
* debian/mcc-mirobridge/*: New icon, UI alignment changes and description
  text added. Courtesy of R. Doug Vaughan.
* debian/rules: Added cxx option "-maltivec" to PowerPC specifc configure
  option to fix FTBFS for that architecture. (LP: #559614)

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* 40_libudev.path:
  - Add -ludev to the library check.
* debian/control:
  - Drop linux-libc-dev build-dep.
* Actually disable halt and reboot commands by default.

114. By Dave Walker on 2010-03-27

* New upstream snapshot (r23820)
* debian/patches/40_libudev.patch: Use libudev to get the information
  instead of calling udevinfo which has been superseded by udevadm,
  which is not compatiable. (LP: #479509)
* debian/control: Added Build-Depends of libudev-dev, linux-libc-dev
  to satisfy 40_libudev.patch.
* debian/mcc-mirobridge/, debian/mythtv-backend.install:
  Install the Mythbuntu-Control-Centre plugin for mirobridge
  if mythtv-backend is installed. (LP: #520731)
* Refreshed patches.
* debian/changelog: Fixed old entry that had a non-valid email address
  causing lintian errors.

113. By Mario Limonciello on 2010-03-25

* debian/rules:
  - Compile-type=debug for better debugging purposes.

112. By Dave Walker on 2010-03-23

[ Jamie Bennett ]
* Fix FTBFS on armel (LP: #537714)

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* mythtv-{common,backend}.{config,templates,postinst}: (LP: #483748)
  - Simplify debconf questions by avoiding showing the generated pw
  - Don't warn about mythtv group.
  - Don't notify about running mythtv-setup. This is optional (but
    of course encouraged!)
* Set version to include a "+" delimitter.
* Restore libfaad-dev dependency. (LP: #546552)

[ Dave Walker (Daviey) ]
* New snapshot (r23789), based from 0.23-fixes.
* debian/control:
  - mythtv-frontend set to Conflict with mythflix, as it's dropped
    upstream. (LP: #544521)
  - Remove unnecessary and potentially problematic use of Pre-Depends.
  - Set the debug package to Priority extra.
  - Change *-perl Section's from libs to perl
  - add ${shlibs:Depends} for mythtv-common Depends field
  - Minor spelling fix.
  - Fixes the long description for one of the packages, ensuring the
    description doesn't exceed 80 characters.
  - Vcs-* set to -fixes, rather than -trunk.
* debian/rules:
  - Use debconf-updatepo to update translations when required
  - Ensure license files are not included in the binary packages, except
    for debian/copyright.
  - Fixes the permissions of certain files in the packaging.
* debian/copyright:
  - updated to reflect that mythtv is GPL-2 only.
  - inserted better licence statement and Copyright reference.
* debian/mythtv-*.templates
  - Simplified strings; removed verbosity and improved readability.
* Prevent the maintainer scripts from failing in case any questions
  can't be displayed.
* Added holding debian/mythtv-frontend.config, mainly to appease lintian.
* debian/mythtv-frontend.menu: Changed section to Applications/Graphics.
* debian/mythtv-backend.postinst: Load debconf libraries.
* debian/source.lintian-overrides: Removes the unecessary override of the
  binNMU warnings.
* Fix perl binding installation.

111. By Mario Limonciello on 2010-02-27

[ Dave Walker ]
* debian/control: Added quilt as a build-depends, primarily
  for karmic builds.

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* New checkout (r23623).
  - Fixes audio issues w/ ac3 audio.
* debian/patches/36_setgroups_too:
  - Set the right args for setgroups. (LP: #524822)
* debian/rules:
  - Explicitly set all shell scripts executable. Fixes problems on < lucid
* debian/control:
  - Correct the replaces statements. (LP: #527288)

110. By Mario Limonciello on 2010-02-21

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* debian/control:
  - Build-depends on libxrandr-dev for xrandr support.
  - Restore Build-depends on libfftw3-dev (not really a top secret option)
* debian/source_mythtv.py:
  - Don't use bool, apport doesn't like them.
* debian/patches/36_setgroups_too:
  - Run setgroups() before setgid/setuid (LP: #524822)

[ Andres Mejia ]
* Refresh all patches. Use '-p ab' format with no index or timestamps.
* Add comment for each patch.
* Update debian/control file for minor cosmetic changes.
* Don't depend on transcode for mythtv-transcode-utils since it's not needed.
* Don't Build-Depends-Conflicts on libmyth-dev.

109. By Mario Limonciello on 2010-02-18

* Rebuild for pulseaudio problems caused from an earlier libpulse-dev
  package. (LP: #524191)
* debian/mythtv-setup.sh:
  - Fix an extra '-' that was included.

108. By Mario Limonciello on 2010-02-18

* debian/mythtv-backend.preinst:
  - Remove old /etc/default/mythtv-backend if not modified. The upstart job
    still optionally use it, but it will cause the backend to not drop
    permissions with the old contents.
* debian/mythtv-database.templates:
  - flush out unused templates.
* debian/rules:
  - Add some confflags from ffmpeg's debian/rules to try a little harder
    on armel and powerpc.
* debian/mythtv_0.23.0.sql:
  - Update to the current schema in this build.
  - Set default security pin so UPNP will work OOTB.

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