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55. By Alexander Sack

* fix LP: #443147 - Firefox on ARM inappropriately adds scroll bars to many
  frames and images; this is a workaround that forces -O2 for the whole
  mozilla tree build on armel; the scroll bar only manifests on lucid toolchain
  when using the upstream optimization flag mix
  - update debian/rules

54. By Chris Coulson

[ Jamie Strandboge <email address hidden> ]
* AppArmor: add read access to /etc/xul-ext/**, now needed by adblock

[ Chris Coulson <email address hidden> ]
* Create checksums for NSS libraries to make FIPS mode work (LP: #559881)
  - update debian/rules

53. By Chris Coulson

[ Chris Coulson <email address hidden> ]
* Fix LP: #526291 - abrowser menu entry has Firefox icon. After changing the
  branding in common-post-build-arch, ensure that the firefox icons in
  dist/bin/icons are replaced with the abrowser icons
  - update debian/rules
* Fix LP: #408238 - does not provide gnome-www-browser
  - update debian/firefox-gnome-support.postinst.in
  - add debian/firefox-gnome-support.prerm.in
  - update debian/rules
* Update Google and Yahoo! search URL's
  - add debian/patches/ubuntu_codes_google.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
  - update debian/firefox.js
* Fix LP: #520166 - Restore ability to set a preferred plugin for a given
  mime-type, which regressed since we are not using the system xulrunner
  - add debian/patches/bzXXX_plugin_for_mimetype_pref.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Fix LP: #557640 - nrf-003 testcase failed Default "Welcome to Ubuntu" page
  doesn't appear without connectivity - re-enable the NetworkManager
  - update debian/firefox.js
* Fix LP: #541951 - Firefox 3.6 does not honour lockPref - resurrect the
  patch used in xulrunner to reimplement this
  - add debian/patches/bz467738_att351145_lockPref_everywhere.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

[ Jamie Strandboge <email address hidden> ]
* AppArmor:
  - add apturl (LP: #558432)

52. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream release v3.6.3 (FIREFOX_3_6_3_RELEASE)

[ Jamie Strandboge <email address hidden> ]
* AppArmor:
  - add leafpad and mousepad text editors for XFCE users (LP: #543587)

[ Micah Gersten <email address hidden> ]
* fix LP: #548866 - forgets middlemouse.contentLoadURL on upgrade; add patch
  from xulrunner-1.9.1
  - update debian/patches/series
  - add debian/patches/lp548866_bz467766_att351173-dont-reset-user-prefs-on-upgrade.patch

[ Chris Coulson <email address hidden> ]
* Add a cairo LCD filter to use Freetype LCD colour filtering features,
  based on the same patch applied to our system cairo package. Thanks to
  Marc Deslauriers for helping to make this work. (LP: #512615)
  - add debian/patches/lp512615_cairo_lcd_filter.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Fix LP: #546490 - "Firefox will not start in debug mode"
  - update debian/firefox.sh.in
* Fix a build issue installing ubuntu-abrowser.js when building with
  - update debian/rules

51. By Micah Gersten

* New upstream release v3.6.2 (FIREFOX_3_6_2_RELEASE)

[ Felix Geyer <email address hidden> ]
* Rebase mozilla-kde.patch for 3.6.2
  - update debian/patches/mozilla-kde.patch

[ Jamie Strandboge <<email address hidden> > ]
* AppArmor profile cleanup for Lucid users:
  - remove sys_ptrace now that the kernel DTRT (LP: #498317)
  - don't use @{PROC}/[0-9]*/mounts or /etc/gnome/defaults.list (part of
    gnome abstraction now)
  - don't use @{PROC}/[0-9]*/maps (part of base abstraction)
  - don't use /etc/sound (part of audio abstraction)
  - use 'owner' for Desktop and all dot files and directories in @{HOME}
  - use ubuntu-bittorrent-clients abstraction
  - use ubuntu-media-players abstraction
  - allow access to xubuntu default app list (LP: #500231)
  - add ark and xarchiver for KDE and XFCE archive managers
  - add thunar for XFCE
  - add editors supported by It's All Text, thanks to James Troup
    (LP: #507711)
  - allow RealPlayer plugin and access to /usr/local/lib (LP: #501822)
  - allow Ux for scim and scim-bridge
  - allow ix for gst-plugin-scanner
* ship different AppArmor profiles for different releases:
  - move usr.bin.firefox.apparmor.in to usr.bin.firefox.apparmor.9.10
  - add usr.bin.firefox.apparmor.10.04
  - debian/rules: ship AppArmor profile based on release:
    + ship 9.10 profile for Karmic and under and 10.04 profile for Lucid
      and later
* update AppArmor profile to transition to a java child profile rather
  than Ux. This has the added benefit of restricting java a bit more than
  before. This is needed since the java plugins are expecting certain
  environment variables to be present, which get scrubbed with Ux. 'cx'
  doesn't remove these from the environment but allows for better profiling
  over 'ux'. Thanks to John Johansen for discussion and idea. (LP: #484148)

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* fix LP: #518422 - Firefox does not start with certain addons installed;
  don't normalize paths for xpti.dat
  - add debian/patches/lp518422.patch
  - update debian/series

[ Micah Gersten <email address hidden> ]
* Bump minimum system NSS to 3.12.6 after upstream landing of (bmo: 545755)
  aka Update Mozilla stable branches to NSS 3.12.6 and minimal support for
  RFC 5746
  - update debian/rules
* Really fix FTBFS for sparc; Add configure flag to correct variable
  - update debian/rules

50. By Micah Gersten

[ Jamie Strandboge <email address hidden> ]
* adjust AppArmor profile to allow scim

[ Felix Geyer <email address hidden>]
* Apply KDE integration from openSUSE (LP: #494067)
  - add debian/patches/mozilla-kde.patch
  - add debian/patches/firefox-kde.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
  - update debian/rules
* Add kmozillahelper to suggests of firefox
  - update debian/control

[ Kees Cook <email address hidden> ]
* fix LP: #531581 - cannot report bugs or crashes when profile names contains
  spaces; concatenate non alnum characters in profile name for apport use
  - update debian/apport/firefox.py

[ Micah Gersten <email address hidden> ]
* fix LP: #531895 - Firefox isn't in Ubuntu Software Center's "Internet" or
  "Web Browsers" sections; Add Internet and WebBrowser Categories to .desktop
  - update debian/abrowser.desktop
  - update debian/firefox-final.desktop
  - update debian/firefox-namoroka.desktop
* fix FTBFS on sparc; disable jit on sparc until bmo 502369 is fixable
  - update debian/rules

49. By Alexander Sack

[ Micah Gersten <email address hidden> ]
* fix LP: #514108 - Cookie Accept Dialog Not Shown on Firefox 3.6; install chrome/comm.* libraries
  - update debian/rules
* fix LP: #525181 - "Make a Support Request to the Ubuntu Community" bookmark
  woefully out of date; update bookmark
  - update debian/patches/ubuntu_bookmarks.patch

[ Felix Geyer <email address hidden> ]
* fix LP: #396786 - Default theme missing in Firefox 3.6
  - update debian/firefox.install

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* use preference way to set yahoo search code 'chr-ubuntu-os' rather
  than patching source
  - update debian/firefox.js
  - delete debian/patches/ubuntu_codes_yahoo.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

48. By Alexander Sack

* fix LP: #523569 - No search providers or default search provider
  in 3.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu3; fix syntax issue in bugfix for bmo 534663
  - update debian/patches/bz534663_attXXX_normalize_distribution_searchplugins.patch

47. By Alexander Sack

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* fix LP: #520963 - sysprefs not honoured since firefox is built without
  system xulrunner; resurrect the patch we ship in xulrunner
  - add debian/patches/add_syspref_dir.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* fix LP: #520682 - Only search provider is Ask.com; set en-US as
  distribution.searchplugins.defaultLocale in syspref firefox.js
  - update debian/firefox.js
* fix LP: #428306 - default search engines are removed and readded (keywords
  wiped) with upgrade
  - add debian/patches/bz534663_attXXX_normalize_distribution_searchplugins.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* add ubuntu fr code for yahoo (en-US) searchplugin
  - add debian/patches/ubuntu_codes_yahoo.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

[ Micah Gersten <email address hidden> ]
* Rename apport hook to firefox.py (unversioned)
  - rename debian/apport/firefox-3.6.py => debian/apport/firefox.py
* Update apport hook to pull from unversioned profile directory
* Update apport hook to report on non-distro package and tag PPA
* Collect version info for firefox/abrowser packages
  - update debian/apport/firefox.py
* Install apport hook again
  - update debian/firefox.install

[ Jamie Strandboge <email address hidden> ]
* debian/firefox.postinst.in: move aside the old firefox-3.5 AppArmor

46. By Micah Gersten

[ Alexander Sack <email address hidden> ]
* fix firefox-3.5-gnome-support transitional package typo; depend
  on firefox-gnome-support instead of firefox-3.5-gnome-support
  - update debian/control

[ Michael Vogt <email address hidden> ]
* add missing Replace: firefox-3.0 for the firefox-branding package
  (LP: #518747). This fixes a upgrade issues from hardy to lucid.
  - update debian/control

[ Jamie Strandboge <email address hidden> ]
* debian/firefox.postinst.in:
  - remove AppArmor profile from dailies on upgrades (LP: #512470)
  - remove extraneous -T -W from apparmor_parser
  - check for disabled profile ourselves, since apparmor_parser on Ubuntu
    9.04 and earlier didn't honor the disable/ directory
* debian/firefox.preinst.in: unconditionally disable the AppArmor profile
  on Ubuntu 9.04 and earlier, since it requires abstractions found only
  in 9.10
* debian/control: have firefox Depends on lsb-release (needed in preinst)
* debian/usr.bin.firefox.apparmor.in:
  - adjustments in rules for name change (LP: #513160)
  - allow /usr/bin/tr

[ Micah Gersten <email address hidden> ]
* Add replaces to firefox-branding on kubuntu-firefox-installer (LP: #439431)
  - update debian/control
* Add firefox 3 transitional packages and Replaces/Provides/Conflicts
  (LP: #513074)
  - update debian/control
* Don't install firefox.xml for adding entries to
  gnome-default-applications-properties (LP: #519606)
  - update debian/control
* Update rosetta template name to firefox-3.6
  - update debian/translation-support/install.rdf.in
* Update EM_TRANSLATION variables for firefox 3.6
  - update debian/rules

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