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9. By Siegfried Gevatter on 2009-03-14

Take the package from Debian new, and update it modified for Python 2.6.

8. By Siegfried Gevatter on 2009-02-24

[ Taken from Debian NEW ]

* First upload to Debian! (Closes: #517079)
* New upstream release.
   - Submitting something with language "Plain Text" works now (LP: #332666).
   - Add a manpage for webboard and install webboard-applet into /usr/lib
     (LP: #329563).
   - Allow to change the username, and improve the graphic interface.
   - Use a GtkSourceView, which can highlight the code.
* Update debian/copyright and improve debian/rules.
* Add Homepage field to debian/control, and set myself as Maintainer.
* Add a debian/watch file.
* webboard-applet: Add "/usr/share/webboard/" to the path.

7. By Siegfried Gevatter on 2009-02-14

* Take the changes from lp: ~olethanh/webboard/trunk
   - Changes the default server to paste.debian.net (LP: #315962)
* Divergences from upstream:
   - src/webboard: Fix copyright header.
   - data/webboard.schemas.in: Capitalize the description.
   - src/webboard.py: Select "Plain text" by default.
* Clean up debian/rules, and bump the Standards-Version to 3.8.0.
* Remove debian/docs and debian/dirs, both were useless.
* Slightly improve the long description.
* Update debian/copyright to the new machine-interpretable format.

6. By Andrew Starr-Bochicchio on 2008-12-06

Add dependency on python-gnome2-desktop since the
panel applet needs the gnomeapplet module. (LP: #206720)

5. By Emmet Hikory on 2007-05-23

* Applied patch from Scott Robinson to also submit Name (LP: 56272)
* Set the default pastebin to paste.ubuntu-nl.org

4. By Albin Tonnerre on 2007-04-07

* debian/control and debian/rules: update the package to follow the
* debian/control: depend on python-* rather than python2.4-* (LP: #96842)
* src/webboard.py: import 're' instead of the deprecated 'sre' module
* Modified Maintainer value to match Debian-Maintainer-Field Spec

3. By Sebastian Heinlein on 2006-04-03

* src/servers/GNOME_WebBoardApplet.server.in:
  - fix Malone: #35948: "WebBoard Applet is Utility section in
    Add-To-Panel. Should be Utilities"
* src/webboard:
  - fix Malone: #37899: "does not start from the menu"

2. By Sebastian Heinlein on 2006-02-22

  - Longer description of the debian package
  - New upstream version:
      * Fixed url formatting if the pastebin address includes the
        protocoll prefix (http:// or https://) - thanks to Denis

1. By Sebastian Heinlein on 2006-02-22

Import upstream version 0.2.1

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