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9. By Evan on 2009-10-23

Update translations from Launchpad (LP: #452889).

8. By Evan on 2009-10-15

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* The version of Firefox shipped with Ubuntu 9.10 is 3.5, not 3.0
  (LP: #442832).
* Add an Ubuntu One slide.
* Freeze exception (LP: #447383).
* Updated Ubuntu and Ubuntu One logo license (LP: #451263).
* Updated translations from Launchpad (source package).

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Merged middle-tweaks branch. Freeze exception (LP: #445102)
* New strings for firefox.html, fspot.html, rhythmbox-totem.html,
  evolution.html, empathy.html, openoffice.html, accessibility.html,
* Changed order of slideshow; multimedia stuff slide appears first,
  accessibility near the end, before Installing Software.
* Breathe icons have been replaced with icons from the Humanity icon theme:
  accessibility.svg, evolution.svg, fspot.svg, help.svg, openoffice.svg
  (LP: #428169)
* Breathe icon fspot.svg has been replaced with its counterpart from the
  fspot source package.
* Removed banshee.svg from source tree and removed mention of nonexistent
  icons from debian/copyright.
* Updated translation templates for new slides.

[ Daniel Holbert ]
* Made images in slideshow non-draggable to work around pywebkitgtk crash
  (LP: #448703).

7. By Evan on 2009-10-02

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Changed "Software Store" to "Software Center" since it has been renamed.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Updated translations from Launchpad.

6. By Evan on 2009-09-25

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Updated translation templates. The template for installing-software.html
  is entirely changed and should be translated again at some point. (Sorry,
  translators!) welcome.html and documentation.html are not quite as major,
  but if they were translated word-for-word they could probably use a
* Merging my recent changes, including revised welcome and farewell slides.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Freeze exception (LP: #436063).
* Update translations from Launchpad.

5. By Evan on 2009-09-17

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* The buildds do not install recommends by default, so add a build
  dependency on python-utidylib (LP: #430719).
* Add the Firefox icon and a javascript-based reflection for it
  (LP: #421864).
* Updated translations from Launchpad.

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Fixed comma splice in documentation.html
* Corrected missing "with" in the third bullet point. Fixed title
  (LP: #427257, #427254).
* Makefile now checks if po2html is installed and exits (slightly more)
  gracefully, albeit with rather horrendous looking output :)
* Added --progress=names when calling po2html. Makefile output is now a bit

4. By Evan on 2009-09-10

Updated translations from Launchpad.

3. By Evan on 2009-09-07

* Replace reference to 'Ubuntu Linux' with the correct title for the
  project, 'Ubuntu'.
* Clean up generate-pot-files.sh. Don't generate a pot for index.html.
* Replace Pidgin slide with an Empathy slide.

2. By Evan on 2009-08-24

* Move translate-toolkit and gimp to build-deps-indep.
* Removing trailing comma from dependencies.
* Drop coreutils dependency as it's in essential.
* Use the proper Vcs-Bzr field, rather than the old XS-Vcs-Bzr.
* Replace entire GPL-2 copyright with a pointer to common-licenses.
* Bump standards version to 3.8.3.

1. By Evan on 2009-08-12

Initial release in Ubuntu.

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