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21. By Evan on 2010-04-17

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Fixed RTL for Xubuntu slideshow (LP: #560220).

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Add a higher resolution export of the personalize icon. Thanks
  Daniel Fore!
* Update translations from Launchpad. Remove translations that are
  not included in localechooser and thus are not available in the

20. By Evan on 2010-04-07

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Ubuntu slideshow: New icons. Fixes centering (LP: #552510).
* Added personalize.png and media.png, replacing accessibility.png
  and rhythmbox.png, respectively.
* Small CSS changes: title block is narrower, exception for Firefox
  icon, removed icon.exact property.
* Firefox icon now points to the correct file (LP: #421864).
* Fixed RTL for Ubuntu slideshow (LP: #549357).
* Fixed RTL for Kubuntu slideshow (LP: #537635).

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Update kubuntu-logo.png with new logo

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Update translations from Launchpad.

19. By Colin Watson on 2010-04-01

Fall back from language variants (e.g. de_DE) to languages (e.g. de)
(LP: #476269).

18. By Evan on 2010-03-30

* Add LTS designator to the relevant distributions per
  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseManifest. The release is
  10.04 LTS, not 10.04.
* Reduce the slideshow by 49px from the top of the window, so that it fits
  better on netbook (1024x600) screens.
* New Ubuntu One icon.

17. By Evan on 2010-03-25

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Title aligns by bottom of new .header container (which was added to
  HTML for each slide). Second line uses smaller text than first line.
  This means titles can exceed a single line and still look nice.
* Updated slides to use .content .wrap-top class when icon exceeds the
  usual container. Moved / enlarged content block to fit another
  line of text without scrolling.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Update translation templates.

16. By Evan on 2010-03-24

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Force UTF-8 for po4a-translate as well.
* Updated Rhythmbox and Ubuntu One slides. Thanks Matt Griffin!

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Updated content for Ubuntu slideshow. New .pot file.

15. By Evan on 2010-03-24

[ Dylan McCall ]
* New look for the Ubuntu slideshow.
* Updated license details for images in debian/copyright.
* Larger dimensions for Ubuntu slideshow: 816x500, from 700x420.
* Removed GIMP build dependency. GIMP scripts in images-source no
  longer to be run at build time; final icons should be added
  manually in source package.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Use the official Firefox icon, rather than a generic browser icon.
* Freeze exception for new design (LP: #538411).
* Update the update-launchpad-translations script.
* Update translations from Launchpad.

[ Richard A. Johnson ]
* Updated slideshow for Kubuntu installer
  (LP: #540348) (LP: #534949) (LP: #539147)

[ Brian Murray ]
* resolved some grammatical issues with the xubuntu slides

14. By Evan on 2010-02-26

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Rearranged source package to closely mirror build output.
* Renamed ./slides to ./slideshows, reflecting new arrangement.
* Each slideshow now has a unique slideshow.conf file.
* Split link-core and link-default for slideshows. link-default
  is NOT symlinked to a central place, encouraging customization.
* Generated icons now go straight to the build directory.
* Merging new Xubuntu slideshow.
* Merging new visuals for Kubuntu slideshow.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Fix typo in Kubuntu chat slide.
* Move from po2html, which is no longer included in Debian, to po4a.
* Make each slideshow package Replace and Conflict the ubiquity-
  slideshow virtual package, to ensure that only one slideshow can be
  installed at a time and so we can put all of the files in a single
  location (LP: #526483). The upgrade slideshows do the same with the
  ubiquity-slideshow-upgrade virtual package.
* Update update-launchpad-translations.sh to reflect recent directory
  layout changes.
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Remove possibly inappropriate URL from br translation (LP: #528465).

13. By Evan on 2010-02-12

Work around pkgstriptranslations's dislike for empty po files.

12. By Evan on 2010-02-12

[ Dylan McCall ]
* Updated localization setup and build scripts. Localization
  is now done with a single template file for each slideshow
* Build script must use brute force (and cmp) to decide which
  slides have actually been translated.
* Added htmlclean to remove unnecessary content from built
* Added room for ubuntu-upgrade slides.

[ Lionel Le Folgoc ]
* Initial import of Xubuntu slides lp: #514011

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Bump release in welcome.html to 10.04.
* Remove htmlclean as its in universe and not currently worth the MIR.
* Tidy up generate-local-slides.sh and make it less noisy.
* Updated translations from Launchpad.
* Add update-launchpad-translations.sh, a small bit of shell code to
  take the grunt work out of updating translations.
* Place ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu-upgrade files in their own

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