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71. By Robert Ancell on 2009-10-19

* New upstream release: (LP: #455049)
  - Fix numeric exponent parsing
  - Handle ',' as radix point when editing display
  - Fix inactive random button
  - Updated translations
* debian/patches/02_fix_rand.patch:
* debian/patches/03_comma_radix.patch:
* debian/patches/04_numeric_exponent.patch:
  - Applied upstream

70. By Robert Ancell on 2009-10-13

* debian/patches/03_comma_radix.patch:
  - Handle comma as radix separator (bug occurs when deleting part of a
    number) (LP: #449914)
* debian/patches/04_numeric_exponent.patch:
  - Fix bug where every second digit of an exponent is dropped

69. By Robert Ancell on 2009-10-09

* debian/patches/02_fix_rand.patch:
  - Fix broken random function (LP: #446939)

68. By Robert Ancell on 2009-09-22

* New upstream release (LP: #434329)
  * Don't override space bar when buttons are focussed as this stops keyboard
    control (Robert Ancell)
  * Handle keycode for '^' used in non-English layouts (German, Spanish, etc)
    and allow '**' to be converted to a '^' for layouts that do not support it
    (Robert Ancell)

67. By Robert Ancell on 2009-09-07

* New upstream release (LP: #425489)
  - Fix base conversions (LP: #421001), (LP: #424456)
  - Fix disabled help menu (LP: #418272)
  - Fix duplicate object names in data/financial.ui

66. By Robert Ancell on 2009-08-26

* New upstream release: (LP: #416283)
  - Fix bug where inserting text in locales without thousands separators replaces the whole display (Robert Ancell) (LP: #404589)
  - Translations

65. By Robert Ancell on 2009-07-28

* New upstream release: (LP: #405556)
  * Perform power and factorials before negation so -1! and -1^0.5 are valid as in 5.26.x (Robert Ancell)
  * Connect functions to solve the function text and replace the display with the result (Robert Ancell, Bug #548884) (LP: #303501)
  * Change bison syntax to be compatible with version 2.3 (Robert Ancell, Bug #589350)
  * Compile with -DGSEAL_ENABLE (Thomas Anderson, Bug #588591)
  * Update gconf descriptions to match translation guidelines (Leonardo Fontenelle, Bug #589563)

64. By Robert Ancell on 2009-07-14

* New upstream release: (LP: #399160)
  - Update bit editor after shifting (Robert Ancell, Bug #587545) (LP: #394375)
  - Use a base-10 internal representation (Robert Ancell, bug #585813, bug #585931, bug #560802) (LP: #375356) (LP: #387070)
  - Make padding consistent in GUI (Jerry Casiano, Bug #587292)
  - Support implicit multiply before functions, e.g. "6 log 3" (Robert Ancell, Bug #586812) (LP: #389533)
  - Use inverse notation for trigonometric functions, i.e. "asin" -> "sin⁻¹"
  - Use lowercase notation for trigonometric and logarithm functions to look
    more like standard mathematical notation
  - Put spacing around functions, i.e. "sin" -> " sin "
  - Use subscript for logarithm base two, i.e. "log2" -> "log₂"
  - Added etched border around display (Robert Ancell, Bug #140836)
  - Rewrote out of date man page (Robert Ancell, Bug #585997)
* debian/watch:
  - Watch for unstable versions

63. By Robert Ancell on 2009-06-16

* New upstream release (LP: #387668)
  - Percentage operation for addition and subtraction now takes percentage of
    first value (Robert Ancell, Bug #480207) (LP: #328094)
  - Use correct UTF-8 mathematical characters (Robert Ancell, Bug #347630)
  - Focus on the display entry by default
  - Fix broken widget style. Copy gcalctoolrc to ~/.gcalctoolrc to get coloured buttons.
  - Fix missing icon in Help>Contents menu
  - Updated translations: nb (Kjartan Maraas), ta (drtvasudevan)

62. By Robert Ancell on 2009-05-28

* New upstream release (LP: #380248)
  - Add 1's and 2's complement to programming mode (Robin Sonefors, Bug #581253)
  - Add variable word size for bitwise functions (Robin Sonefors, Bug #581253)
  - Remove negative sign from numbers rounded to zero. This is only a partial
    fix as the error value is still visible in scientific notation
    (Robert Ancell, Bug #560802)
  - Support odd roots of negative numbers (Robert Ancell, Bug #576973) (LP: #288446)
  - Keep settings (show zeroes, thousands separator etc) when changing modes
    (Robert Ancell, Bug #580398) (LP: #366904)
  - Add a --solve command-line argument (Robert Ancell)
  - Really fix the license text in the about dialog (Robert Ancell, Bug #579174) (LP: #359893)
  - Made parser reentrant and part of MP code (Robert Ancell)
  - Remove references to arithmetic/left-to-right precedence from the manual
    (Robert Ancell, Bug #559734) (LP: #294903)
  - Fix grammatical errors in manual (Bruce Cowan, Bug #569275)
  - Remove untranslated figures in documentation - they are automatically
    copied from the C documentation (Robert Ancell, Bug #566680)
  - Updated translations: si (K.P.Gayan Tharaka)
* debian/patches/01_lpi.patch:
  debian/patches/99_autoconf.patch: Refreshed

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