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78. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/libempathy-gtk28.symbols:
  - updated to list new symbols

[ Ken VanDine ]
* New upstream release (LP: #455763)
  - asserts in empathy_idle_set_presence() after suspend/resume (LP: #433108)
  - empathy crashed when dnding an avatar image (LP: #446393)
  - crash with SIGSEGV in contact_list_store_iface_setup() (LP: #448580)
  - copy/paste is broken
  - crash with SIGSEGV in empathy_account_settings_get_default(LP: #424903)
  - crash with SIGSEGV in tp_contact_list_got_added_members_cb (LP: #427684)
  - libnotify chat bubbles aren't displayed once the first bubble disappeared
  - Info dialog says "Edit contact information"
  - libempathy header files are wrong
  - crash with SIGSEGV in empathy_account_settings_get_account (LP: #437111)
  - Crash when CM crashes during a channel request
  - Presence chooser shouldn't be sensitive when there are no accounts
  - Use pretty names for protocol in account display names
  - Changing display name can crash empathy
  - empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in
    empathy_call_window_audio_input_level_changed_cb() (LP: #442756)
  - empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in
    empathy_call_window_got_self_contact_cb() (LP: #447301)
  - Empathy start isn't idempotent
* debian/patches/20_libindicate.patch
  - updated to apply cleanly
* debian/patches/99_autoconf.patch
  - updated to apply cleanly
* debian/libempathy30.symbols
  - Added symbol

77. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/20_libindicate.patch
  - display the status icon when the indicator isn't present (LP: #435329)
  - don't attach notifications to the status icon if the icon
    isn't visible, it was drawing a black line (LP: #434316)
* debian/patches/30_raise_not_toggle.patch
  - Updated to apply cleanly

76. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/01_lpi.patch
  - Added launchpad integration (LP: #436742)
* debian/control
  - added liblaunchpad-integration-dev to build depends

75. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/20_libindicate.patch
  - Don't set draw-attention for login events (LP: #434726)
  - Don't display time for login events (LP: #438237)

[Laurent Bigonville]
* debian/empathy-doc.install: install missing documentation (LP: #446420)

74. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/20_libindicate.patch
  - Fixed a crasher caused by not properly removing
    indicators. When comparing events, we shouldn't compare
    the message content. (LP: #435216)

73. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/20_libindicate.patch
  - Updated patch to apply cleanly against
* debian/patches/99_autoconf.patch
  - regenerated

72. By Laurent Bigonville

* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes (LP: #441795):
  - Add Suggests on telepathy-idle
  - Bump telepathy-butterfly, telepathy-haze to recommends
  - Drop geoloc support, dependencies not in main
  - add Vcs-Bzr tag
  - Add libindicate support:
    + 20_libindicate.patch: Integrate into messaging menu
    + 30_raise_not_toggle.patch: Always raise contact list when clicked
    + 99_autoconf.patch: Rebuild autofoo stuff
    + debian/empathy.preinst: remove the old indicator from /etc and remove
      the directory if it is empty
    + debian/rules: Add empathy launcher to the messaging menu
  - 10_use_notify_osd_icons.patch: Use the notify-OSD icons for new messages
* Readd documentation in empathy-doc package as it seems not installed in
  previous version

71. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/postinst:
  - renamed empathy.preinst and did some tweaking there

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/rules:
  - Moved the indicator launcher to /usr/share (LP: #434097)
* debian/postinst:
  - remove the old indicator from /etc and remove the directory
    if it is empty

70. By Iain Lane

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/patches/20_libindicate.patch:
  - Updated patch to set "draw-attention" (LP: #433999)
  - Updated patch to set the avatar in the indicator (LP: #434209)

[ Iain Lane ]
* New upstream release 2.28.0 (LP: #434264)
 - Empathy theme doesn't work (and opens a folder in Nautilus!)
 - icq accounts import from pidgin not working
 - Invalid read when terminating an audio call
 - Room auto-connect doesn't work
 - using *_run_* calls prevents quitting Empathy
 - Chat windows don't show when we are reconnected
 - Use GOptionContext to parse options
 - Empathy misbehaviour
 - Empathy forgets IRC bookmarks
 - Empathy 2.27.92 fails to build
 - asserts in empathy_idle_set_presence() after suspend/resume
 - empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in empathy_account_settings_get_uint32() (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - cannot add yahoo account (Frédéric Péters)
 - Empathy crashing with CSW (Danielle Madeley)
 - empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in empathy_audio_sink_set_volume() (LP: #427579)
 - empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in tp_contact_list_got_added_members_cb()
 - Doesn't respawn existing channel when trying to reopen it
 - crash when dragging user from roster to MUC window
 - Pasting text into a disconnected chat window crashes (Cosimo Cecchi)
 - EmpathyIdle should wait for account manager to be ready
 - double click on a contact should raise the window
* debian/patches/20_libindicate.patch: Update for new code
* debian/patches/99_autoconf.patch: Refresh (autoreconf -f -i -s)

69. By Ken VanDine

[Ken VanDine]
* debian/control:
  - Added libindicate-gtk-dev and libindicate-dev (>=0.2.0) to build depends
* debian/patches/30_raise_not_toggle.patch:
  - Always raise contact list when clicked (LP: #392153)
* debian/patches/99_autoconf.patch added

[Robert Ancell]
* debian/patches/10_use_notify_osd_icons.patch:
  - Use the notify-OSD icons for new messages (LP: #409828)
* debian/patches/20_libindicate.patch:
  - Integrate into messaging menu (LP: #340180)
* debian/control:
  - Remove Debian VCS links as they confuse debcheckout

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