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12. By Marc Tardif on 2009-10-26

* Fixed translation of suites and tests files (LP: #456115)
* Fixed checking the status of command registries (LP: #457502)
* Fixed selecting suites in the command line (LP: #457559)
* Fixed reporting of bugs to contain test description (LP: #427932)
* Fixed execute permissions on scripts (LP: #459606)
* Renamed processors_info plugin to singular because processor
  information is reported as a single structure with a count attribute
* Updated translation files.

11. By Marc Tardif on 2009-10-14

* Fixed failing dependencies when not available (LP: #430051)
* Fixed supporting udevadm not providing DEVPATH variable (LP: #430084)
* Fixed supporting audio devices without a /proc/asound entry (LP: #430086)
* Fixed running when python-apport package is not installed (LP: #430103)
* Fixed X error when exiting after reporting a bug (LP: #430776)
* Fixed prompting to report a bug according to GNOME HIG (LP: #429701)
* Fixed prompting for answer in checkbox-cli (LP: #429764)
* Fixed resolution_test message for fglrx driver (LP: #346816)
* Fixed adding of manpage symlinks for gtk and cli (LP: #426641)
* Fixed recovering from connecting to the backend (LP: #446693)
* Fixed backend to use dbus instead of policykit (LP: #435714)
* Fixed interpolation of output variable in cli (LP: #450673)
* Fixed selection of suites in cli (LP: #450713)
* Fixed parsing of virtio-pci devices (LP: #450774)

10. By Marc Tardif on 2009-09-12

* Fixed trailing newline requirement in test definitions (LP: #427993)
* Fixed reporting firmware version as product name (LP: #428563)
* Fixed detecting pci and usb audio devices (LP: #429558)
* Fixed prompting to report a bug when there's no package (LP: #429668)

9. By Marc Tardif on 2009-09-08

* Fixed adding test information when reporting with apport (LP: #423798)
* Fixed tagging bugs when reporting with apport (LP: #423799)
* Fixed expressing package aliases for the linux package (LP: #423805)
* Fixed detecting the disk category in devices (LP: #423864)
* Fixed supporting apport symptoms when reporting bugs (LP: #424063)
* Fixed gathering of dmi information for Launchpad report (LP: #424454)
* Fixed tests using gksudo returning empty output (LP: #425284)

[Javier Collado]
* Fixed reporting of output in shell plugin (LP: #393894)

8. By Brian Murray on 2009-09-04

Disable bug filing about linux package as reports are not useful

7. By Marc Tardif on 2009-08-26

* New upstream version:
  * Added disk tests.
  * Added fingerprint reader tests.
  * Added firewire tets.
  * Added kms tests.
  * Added media tests.
* Fixed dependency on hal and using udev instead (LP: #399319)
* Fixed calling ubuntu-bug when a test fails (LP: #418978)

6. By Marc Tardif on 2009-08-19

* New upstream version:
  * Changed icon.
  * Added timeout property to lock_prompt plugin.
  * Added concept of attachments to tests.
  * Added support for backslahes in templates to wrap lines.
  * Added support blacklisting and whitelisting both tests and suites.
  * Introduced the concept of jobs for suites, tests and attachments.
  * Removed upstart event which is no longer needed.
  * Replaced architecture and category with requires in test definitions.
* Fixed pygst dependency (LP: #334442)
* Fixed configuration file updates during install (LP: #330596)
* Fixed and expanded translations (LP: #347038)
* Fixed ignored system proxy settings (LP: #345548)
* Fixed parsing blank lines in templates (LP: #393907)
* Fixed escaping of lists (LP: #394001)
* Fixed timeout in manual tests (LP: #377986)
* Fixed CLI interface dialog.
* Fixed support for FreeDesktop XDG base directory specification (LP: #363549)
* Added general and package specific apport hooks

[ Gabor Keleman ]
* Fixed untranslated strings in tests (LP: #374666)
* Fixed untranslated last screen (LP: #374646)

5. By Marc Tardif on 2009-04-14

* Fixed broken configuration patch (LP: #359440)
* Fixed broken link to launchpad in report (LP: #354813)

4. By David Murphy on 2009-03-31

* New Bugfix release (LP: #352389)
* New icon
* Fixed pygst dependency (LP: #334442)
* Fixed configuration file updates during install (LP: #330596) and
  and DBus exceptions (LP: #344916)
* Expanded and fixed translations (LP: #347038)

3. By David Murphy on 2009-03-17

[ Dave Murphy ]
* Fixed viewing of report files in Firefox 3 (LP: #331481)
* Added additional contextual information
 * /etc/sysctl* (LP: #331055)
 * /etc/modprobe.d (LP: #331056)
 * /etc/modules (LP: #331057)
* Fixed packaging for Jaunty
 * https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2009-February/027439.html
 * Uses --install-layout=deb
 * Installs to dist-packages instead of site-packages

[ Andy Whitcroft ]
* suspend_test: update suspend_test to version V6 matching kernel version.
  The version here will become the master copy.
* suspend_test: add a --dry-run mode to simplify developement
* suspend_test: add a automation mode for checkbox integration
* suspend_test: add a new pm-suspend test
* suspend_test: record and restore timer_delay around the variable
  time test.
* suspend_test: release v7.
* suspend_test: initial version of suspend power consumption test
  from a patch by Pete Graner.
* suspend_test: power -- made the sleep time configurable
* suspend_test: detect batteries and disable ac/power tests
* suspend_test: disable dbus tests when we have no primary user
* suspend_test: handle AC transitions better
* suspend_test: enable power test as part of --full
* suspend_test: reduce the noise in the test instructions
* suspend_test: use minutes in output when that is more appropriate
* suspend_test: track actual AC transitions and report them
* suspend_test: only mention AC at all if we have a battery
* suspend_test: report useful data at the bottom for posting
* suspend_test: document the new power test in the usage
* suspend_test: power -- indicate when the result is unreliable
* suspend_test: report -- fix up spacing issues
* suspend_test: release v8

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