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190. By Martin Pitt

etc/default/apport: Disable Apport for final Karmic.

189. By Brian Murray

apport/crash_db/launchpad.py: Increase the number of files available
for searching with bug patterns.

188. By Martin Pitt

debian/local/apport-collect: Instantiate Launchpad crash database with
"distro = ubuntu", to satisfy an assertion introduced in the previous
release. (LP: #451838)

187. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - hookutils.py: Fix error codes from "comm", thanks to Brian Murray.
    (LP: #414194)
  - general-hooks/generic.py: Catch xkbcomp error messages. (LP: #431807)
  - launchpad.py: Assert that we have exactly one of "distro" or "project"
  - doc/crashdb-conf.txt: Improve documentation of crash database options.
  - apport-gtk: Make Cancel/Send buttons focusable. Thanks to Marco
    Rodrigues. (LP: #447780)
  - Drop handling of the APPORT_REPORT_THIRDPARTY environment variable and
    "thirdparty" configuration file option. This has never been documented,
    and conceptually does not work. There is a proper mechanism for this in
    place now, e. g. launchpad.py's "project" option.
* bin/apport-bug: Show deprecation warning for -p/-P. (LP: #431942)

186. By Martin Pitt

[ Matt Zimmerman ]
* general-hooks/ubuntu.py: Include in Ubuntu bug reports the version number
  of the installation media used to install the system, via
  /var/log/installer/media-info (cf. #364649)

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/local/apport-collect.1: Clarify that the launchpad.credentials
  files needs to be removed in order to ask for privileges again.
* Merge bug fixes from trunk:
  - general-hooks/generic.py: Catch xkbcomp error messages, too. (LP: #431807)
  - apport-bug: Consider -h as "output help", too. (Marco Rodrigues)

[ Brian Murray ]
* debian/local/apport-collect:
  - Resolve bug with specifying package for adding information.
  - Let collector know if bug was not reported by them.
  - Clarify potential failure causes.

185. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - apport-cli: Print the URL and ask whether to open a browser. In many
    situations (such as usage on a server through ssh), it's preferable to not
    open the browser on the reporting computer. Thanks to Matt Zimmerman for the
    initial patch! (LP: #286415)
  - general-hooks/generic.py: Collect important glib errors/assertions (which
    should not have private data) from ~/.xsession-errors (LP: #431807)
  - launchpad.py: Link hardware data submission key if it exists. (LP: #424382)
  - apport-cli: Fix crash with non-ASCII characters in prompts.
  - Fix "apport-bug symptomname" to actually work.
  - launchpad.py: Fix crash on invalid credentials file. Thanks to Marco
    Rodrigues for the initial patch! (LP: #414055)
* man/apport-bug.1: Document APPORT_IGNORE_OBSOLETE_PACKAGES (cherrypicked
  from trunk), and APPORT_STAGING (Ubuntu specific change, since it's a
  launchpad backend specific variable).
* bin/apport-bug: Ignore -p option when giving two arguments, to keep
  compatibility with current bug filing instructions. (LP: #356755)
* debian/copyright: Update copyright year and fix GPL link, thanks Marco

184. By Martin Pitt

* Merge bug fixes from trunk:
  - apport-cli: Print the URL and ask whether to open a browser. This makes
    ubuntu-bug work much better for servers, now that ubuntu-bug is by and
    large mandatory. (LP: #286415)
  - launchpad.py: Consistently respect $APPORT_STAGING, so that it works
    for bug filing as well. (LP: #435112)

[ Matt Zimmerman ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: Add metadata and tags for bugs reported from
  EC2 and UEC instances.

183. By Martin Pitt

kde/bugreport.ui: Select "complete report" option by default, to actually
be able to file bugs if the options are not shown. Thanks to Yuriy Kozlov!
Fix cherrypicked from trunk. (LP: #405378)

182. By Martin Pitt

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream bug fix release:
  - hookutils.py, attach_hardware(): Do not attach empty Pccardctl*.
  - apport/report.py, add_gdb_info(): Do not throw away stderr from gdb.
  - data/general-hooks/parse_segv.py:
    + Handle arithmetic wrapping correctly.
    + Handle empty base, scale, or index registers in disassembly.
    + Handle in/out ioport faults.
  - Various improvements to user-visible strings, thanks to Marco Rodrigues!
    (LP: #178507)
  - Various apport-retrace robustifications.
  - setup.py: Fix DistUtilsExtra version check. (LP: #428337)
  - hookutils.py, attach_gconf(): Do not overwrite previous values from
    other packages, thanks Loïc Minier!
  - hookutils.py, attach_gconf(): Fix crash with nonexisting <applyto> tags.

[ Loïc Minier ]
* Upstream source is at https://launchpad.net/apport/+download not

181. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical)

* debian/apport.upstart:
  - Use "exit" in Upstart script rather than "return".
  - Fix post-stop script to write to the correct file. LP: #430895.

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