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175. By Colin Watson on 2009-06-09

* KDE frontend:
  - Fix crash on selecting non-ASCII options in the "Use as:" menu while
    creating a partition (LP: #247993).
  - Fix crash when entering a non-ASCII mount point (LP: #128554).
* Automatic update of included source packages: partman-basicfilesystems

174. By Colin Watson on 2008-12-17

[ Colin Watson ]
* Brown-paper-bag bug: open /target/var/log/installer/oem-id for writing
  (LP: #251751).
* Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer
  1.86ubuntu2.3, console-setup 1.21ubuntu9, grub-installer 1.27ubuntu8.1,
  partman-base 114ubuntu6, partman-target 54ubuntu7, user-setup

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Also set the EGID back to 0 when regaining privileges (LP: #288479).

173. By Evan on 2008-06-19

* Added missing translation updates from Rosetta.
* Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer
  1.86ubuntu2.2, partman-auto-loop 0ubuntu14 (LP: #241420).

172. By Evan on 2008-06-11

Bump configure.ac.

171. By Evan on 2008-06-02

[ Colin Watson ]
* Make use of RAWMINSIZE, RAWCURSIZE, and RAWMAXSIZE variables from
  partman-partitioning 59ubuntu2 to set accurate bounds on the resize

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Disable the close button for progress windows (LP: #107686).
* Reset stay_on_page when the back button is pressed (LP: #235374).

170. By Evan on 2008-06-02

[ Colin Watson ]
* Fix ownership of /home/oem/Desktop in OEM installations (LP: #209683).
* Silence deprecation warning in zoommap.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Usability fixes for the timezone widget (LP: #203423):
  - Make the hover-to-zoom areas relative to the widget size.
  - Zoom in on the location of the cursor, not the edge relative to its
  - Add a delay for zooming out.
* Handle the migration-assistant UI being fed non-UTF data gracefully
  (LP: #222690).
* Automatic update of included source packages: apt-setup
  1:0.31ubuntu8, base-installer 1.86ubuntu2.1, grub-installer
  1.27ubuntu8, migration-assistant 0.6.3.

169. By Colin Watson on 2008-04-22

* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Automatic update of included source packages: choose-mirror 2.19ubuntu6,
  console-setup 1.21ubuntu8.

168. By Evan on 2008-04-19

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* bin/ubiquity-dm:
  - Move code relating to at-spi-registryd to ensure that a11y is loaded
    before the background and window manager. (LP: #197887)
  - Ensure that orca/onboard are only run if the a11y gconf key is set.
  - Don't show any background image if the v1 profile is selected, similar to
    what happens in the GNOME desktop with this profile enabled.
  - Do not drop privileges when running the window manager,
    gnome-settings-daemon, or any of the a11y tools. Privileges are still
    dropped when accessibility is not enabled.
  - Wait for 15 seconds before loading orca, to let the a11y framework settle,
    and prevent orca from zombifying. This is a workaround until a cleaner
    solution is found.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Fix console-setup seen flag handling; console-setup/layout and
  console-setup/variant need to be marked unseen even in automatic mode so
  that they get their defaults set correctly, so use a different method to
  avoid displaying the question in preseeded installations (LP: #188492).
* Fix partition_too_small check only to warn about partitions that are not
  free space, are not marked as "do not use", and are marked for use with
  a filesystem.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Automatic update of included source packages: grub-installer
  1.27ubuntu7, partman-base 114ubuntu5.

167. By Evan on 2008-04-14

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Move the map when the cursor is near an edge instead of whenever the
  cursor moves (LP: #214989, #195159).
* Various fixes to the new tzmap. Thanks Colin Watson.
  - Wait half a second before zooming in.
  - Zoom in from the position of the mouse, rather than the top left
  - Widen the hover-to-move areas.
  - Find the closest hotspot if there are several nearby.
  - Zoom to 4.5x.
* Removed 12system_partitions_formatted. It now lives in partman-target.
* Automatic update of included source packages: console-setup
  1.21ubuntu7, partman-target 54ubuntu6.

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Default the MythTV theme to the newly changed Mythbuntu-8.04 theme
  to prevent upgrade crashes. (LP: #215036)

[ Colin Watson ]
* Allow diagonal scrolling in timezone map.
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Fix typo in German welcome message (LP: #195075). This needs to be fixed
  in Launchpad or it *will* regress, but this will at least paper over it
  for 8.04.
* Set OVERRIDE_ALLOW_PRESEEDING=1 while calling console-setup to force it
  to allow preseeding (LP: #188492).

166. By Colin Watson on 2008-04-12

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* kde_ui:
 - Fix crash in PartitionModel localisation (LP: #216031).
 - Fix translations on buttons
 - Replace the resize slider with the custom widget
 - Fix occasional bug where the app would still quit after the confirm
   exit dialogue had been dismissed
 - Fix exception in on_partition_edit_use_combo_changed when non-ASCII
   characters are used
 - Translate dialogues
 - Fix launching browser from release notes label
* kde_ui, gtk_ui
 - In partition edit dialogue, enable format tickbox when a format type is

[ Colin Watson ]
* KDE frontend: Translate the partition create dialog too.
* Fix crash if opening /cdrom/.disk/info fails (with Jonathan and Evan).
* Show current filesystem type if it isn't currently being used for
  anything; now that partman no longer sets up automatic mount points for
  everything, the lack of filesystem types made it difficult to get any
  context on which partition was which.
* Set /apps/nautilus/preferences/media_autorun_never to true during
  installation (thanks, John S. Gruber; LP: #210620).
* Update translations from Launchpad.

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