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14. By Jamie Strandboge on 2010-04-19

debian/patches/92_ssl_proxy.patch: when we have a proxy setting, we expect
the CN to match the proxy hostname, not the server hostname. Patch thanks
to Steve Langasek. (LP: #565182)

13. By Jamie Strandboge on 2010-04-14

* SECURITY UPDATE: perform certificate host validation
  - debian/patches/92_CVE-2010-1155.patch: adjust to verify hostname against
    CN. Also use one SSL_CTX per connection and use default trusted CAs if
    nothing specified.
  - CVE-2010-1155
* SECURITY UPDATE: fix crash when checking for fuzzy nick match when not on
  the channel
  - debian/patches/92_CVE-2010-1156.patch: verify channel is non-NULL in
  - CVE-2010-1156
* debian/patches/92_disable_sslv2.patch: do not use SSLv2 protocol

12. By Jamie Strandboge on 2009-07-09

* SECURITY UPDATE: off-by-one error allows remote IRC server to cause a
  denial of service via application crash
  - debian/patches/92CVE-2009-1959.patch: adjust fe-common/irc/fe-events.c
    to verify length of string before writing '\0'
  - CVE-2009-1959

11. By John Dong on 2008-02-08

Replace authentification with a less amusing word

10. By Emilio Pozuelo Monfort on 2008-02-06

* debian/patches/03firsttimer_text:
  - Adapt it so it tells you about connecting to irc.ubuntu.com and
    joining #ubuntu, instead of irc.debian.org and #debian. LP: #188590.

9. By Soren Hansen on 2008-02-05

* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes (LP: #181641):
  - Added debian/patches/90irc-ubuntu-com.dpatch (Launchpad #52690).
    New with this merge: We now also apply this patch.
  - Modify Maintainer value to match the DebianMaintainerField spec.
  - debian/irssi.prerm: Don't remove alternative on upgrades (LP #67698).

8. By Pedro Fragoso on 2007-12-04

debian/patches/10ping_ctcp: prevent /ping with no arguments from sending
CTCP PING to a channel (backported from SVN, LP: #96758).

7. By Emilio Pozuelo Monfort on 2007-11-02

* Merge with Debian, remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - Added debian/patches/90irc-ubuntu-com.dpatch (Launchpad #52690).
  - Modify Maintainer value to match the DebianMaintainerField spec.
  - debian/irssi.prerm: Do not alternative. LP: #67698.

6. By Nafallo Bjälevik on 2007-04-28

* New upstream release:
  - http://www.irssi.org/news/ChangeLog
* debian/{control,compat}:
  - Bump Standards.
* debian/patches/00list:
  - Disable 05upgrade-check-binary.patch, applied upstream.
  - Disable 08doublefree.patch, applied upstream.

5. By Colin Watson on 2006-10-03

Add irc.ubuntu.com as the first listed IRC server (closes: Malone

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