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26. By Colin Watson on 2007-09-17

Fix broken migration of old-style 'respawn process' stanzas which
produced corrupted 'exec' stanzas. Try to fix up files previously
corrupted by this. LP: #95210

25. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2007-03-11

* New upstream release:
  - much improved initctl tool.

* Update my standard prep_/undo_/rm_conffile functions to take into account
  current dpkg behaviour wrt obsolete conffiles. The conffile is now moved
  out of the way in preinst and the moved file deleted in postinst, or moved
  back in postrm abort-upgrade. This means it's not there when dpkg
  configures the new version, so the conffile is not left in the list.
* Purge backups of modified obsolete conffiles when the package is purged.

* Update runlevel and respawn rule generated in migrate-inittab.pl
  LP: #89314

* Drop 00-libnih-update.patch and 01-libnih-sparc-ftbfs.patch; new upstream
  release includes an up-to-date libnih which contains both patches.
* Drop 10-cant-stop-execless-job.patch; included upstream.
* Drop 20-complex-event-config.patch; this is going to be significantly
  changed upstream, and we don't want to ship something strange.
* Drop 30-fix-warnings.patch; included upstream.

24. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2007-02-13

* Changed "start script" to "pre-start script" in sulogin event, the former
  is no longer recognised.

* Applied 01-libnih-sparc-ftbfs.patch; this updates the signal name list
  to exclude signals not available on that architecture, and add one that's
  unique to it.
* Applied 30-fix-warnings.patch; this corrects a few warnings that spoiled
  an otherwise clean build log.

23. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2007-02-12

* New upstream release:
  - inotify file descriptor leak fixed. LP: #83099.
  - inotify support is no longer required. LP: #68904.
  - new job state machine
  - new event structure, can now include arguments and environment

* Applied 00-libnih-update.patch; this updates the libnih library to the
  latest bzr trunk version, required for the complex-event-config patch.
* Applied 10-cant-stop-execless-job.patch from upstream; this corrects a
  bug where jobs without an "exec" or "script" stanza cannot be stopped.
* Applied 20-complex-event-config.patch from upstream; this is an
  experimental implementation of the "on" keyword that allows definition
  of complex system states.

* System V compatibility jobs updated to match new event names.
* rcS job now sets PREVLEVEL and RUNLEVEL. LP: #76304.

* NOTE: After this upgrade, init will appear to have "forgotten" the
  process ids of your gettys, etc. This is not a critical problem and
  will be fixed before release. Shutdown will still work as normal.

22. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-12-13

* New upstream release:
  - start, stop and status are now symlinks to initctl, not to a
    different, separate utility.
  - initctl completely rewritten to behave properly.
  - some upstart-specific options to shutdown and reboot dropped, as
    these are considered SysV-compat tools.
  - "console none" fixed. LP: #70782.
  - improved documentation. LP: #68805.

* shutdown and reboot moved to upstart-compat-sysv.

* Replace the /usr/share/doc/* directory in upstart-logd,
  upstart-compat-sysv, system-services and startup-tasks with a symlink to
  /usr/share/doc/upstart. This was actually done in a previous package,
  but the migration missed. LP: #70895.

21. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-10-10

Don't abort the postinst if we can't send init SIGTERM. Ubuntu: #64499.

20. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-10-05

* Don't start gettys on tty2 thru tty6 in runlevels 4 and 5 (matches
  our sysvinit configuration).
* Migrate common changes made to /etc/inittab to /etc/event.d by
  adjusting the installed conffiles. Ubuntu: #61539.

* Include missing AUTHORS and NEWS file in the upstart package.
* Include README.Debian which answers common questions. Ubuntu: #60429.

19. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-10-04

Don't set the current runlevel in /var/run/utmp to 0 or 6 if it is
already either of those two values. That way we don't end up with
either 0 or 6 in the PREVLEVEL variable, which can cause
/etc/init.d/rc to be "efficient" and not bother doing
anything. Ubuntu: #63852.

18. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-09-26

* Can't just start rc-default once in single-user mode, because if we
  boot into that, that will just return us back to sulogin again. Copy
  the script out of rc-default into rcS-sulogin to call telinit with the
  right default runlevel. Ubuntu: #62189.

* Add Build-Depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.19) due to our use of
  ${binary:Version}. Ubuntu: #61693.

17. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-09-21

Set the runlevel to "S" when we enter sulogin so that it appears
in utmp.

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