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23. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Adding in a bit of tighter integration with fbautostart. This includes
  a new patch -- fix-startup-check-fbautostart.patch.
* Added a few C*FLAGS to the invocation of configure. Thanks to a new
  lintian check that caught the failure to pass the flags correctly.

22. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Fixing a tab vs space issue in rules.d/001-constants.mk.
* Bumping standards version to 3.9.3, no changes needed.
* Updated copyright to be policy-compliant.

21. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Fixing a minor headache with not shipping .png images, since most
  background setters can't set .svg. (Closes: #645120)
   - I've (as a result) been forced to add the .png files to the
     source/include-binaries file.

20. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Changing up the additional-themes directory, and moving it under
  debain/ - since we're using 3.0, we can store PNGs in there (if we
  need to) because it gets stored as a debain.tar.gz, not a patch.gz.
* Revamped debian/rules, using a rules.d style setup. Should be
  much cleaner now.
* Added a bunch of themes from Piotr Wcislo. Thanks, Piotr!
* I ended up removing libmagickcore3-extra for this upload, since I'm not
  using `convert' Thanks, Mehdi! (Closes: #628849). While I was in there,
  I sorted the remaining depedencies.
* Updated debian standards to 3.9.2. No changes.
* Changed compact level to 8 from 7. No changes.
* Transitioned to DEP5, man we got a mess of licenses in here. Shucks!
* Changed debian-blue to use the system-wide debian svg, rather then
  shipping a converted one.

19. By Paul Tagliamonte

Adding in a patch to solve the FTBFS on oneiric (really more
a problem with gcc-4.6, though). Yanked a patch from upstream.
Thanks, Daniel Diaz! (LP: #771017)

18. By Paul Tagliamonte

* New upstream release! A new record!
* Added `feh' to the recomends. I'm tired of having to keep
  installing it.
* We've had to repackage the Fluxbox tarball. It includes a
  theme that is not DFSG free (since it's CC NC).
  I've talked with upstream, and they are willing to change the
  license on the theme for the next version. Thanks so much,
  Gilbert! (Closes: 615117).
* Changed the watch file back to ignore dfsg trailing version IDs.

17. By UNera

Enable fribidi support, thanks for Chanoch (Ken) Bloom <email address hidden>
for bugreport, closes: #577798.

16. By UNera

[ Dmitry E. Oboukhov ]
  * Renew old repo structure.
    Paul! To merge with upstream use 'git pull' command :)
  * Merge with upstream git-repo.
  * Renew my old Debian theme.
[ Paul Tagliamonte ]
  * Adding in a patch to fix problems with the default
    key settings. (Closes: 592904)

15. By Paul Tagliamonte

* debian/ dir has been cleaned out, complete repackage
  of most files.
* pulled new archive from git.fluxbox.org HEAD, saved as
* Added in fluxbox.* files from the old dfsg tree.
* Added in system.fluxbox-menu file from the old dfsg tree
* Added the source/format file to bump package source
  version from 1.0 to 3.0 (quilt).
* Changed rules file to match the old dfsg setup so that
  fluxbox behaves nicely.
* Removed entries from copyright that no longer apply.
* Added theme based on Denis Brand ( naran )'s old theme.
* Added a background I whipped up.
* Changed compile flags to point to debian theme by default
* Adding a patch to have fluxbox use x-terminal-emulator
  over xterm. Closes: #591694 (LP: #580485)
* Adding a patch to allow titlebar-window dragging.
* Changed the flags in rules to pull from a script. This script
  lets us un-hardcode what theme is default. Be sure there
  is a theme pack!
* Added comments to my patches.
* Removing debian/docs, empty file.
* Fixing fluxbox.desktop to remove all the warnings from
* Fixing libtool issue by running an update before
  configure in the rules script.
* Added a compile flag script to auto-detect what platform
  we are running on, and apply the correct theme. This
  should solve Ubuntnu issues later on.
* adding in a get-orig-source rule
* fixing the upstream version number to pinpoint
  the commit ( thanks, lfaraone ).
* adding a rule for get-orig-source. ( thanks again,
  lfaraone ).
* Updated rules to actually allow us to do a build from it
* Removed Denis from the uploaders ( as per an email
  conversation )
* Removing madduck from the uploaders ( thanks for asking,
  lfaraone. ). Thanks for your hard work, madduck.

14. By UNera

[ Paul Tagliamonte ]
[Denis Briand]
* Create extra directory to put all debian's styles and backgrounds.
* New default background, thanks to Thomas Guillot <email address hidden>.
* Update copyright file with the CC-by-SA 3 license for
  the background picture.
* Update copyright file with the 3-clause BSD license for
  debian_squeeze_dark style file.

[Paul Tagliamonte]
* Added patch for fbsetbg scale behavior. (Closes: #583704).
  Thanks to Jeremiah Mahler for his patch!
* The following themes have been merged from upstream under
  a new license: arch, bloe, bora_black, bora_blue, bora_green
  carp, green_tea, ostrich, zimek_bisque, zimek_darkblue,
  zimek_green. They were moved from CC-BY-SA 2.5 to CC-BY-SA 3.0

[ Dmitry E. Oboukhov ]
* Switch to 3.0 (quilt) debian src format package.
* Repackage orig.tgz to +dfsg2 version to fix prev incorrect upload.
* Merge with all old patches.

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