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27. By Paul Tagliamonte

[Paul Tagliamonte]
* Check for $HOME before blindly using it in fluxbox-update_configs.
  (Closes: #715911)

[Andreas Beckmann]
* preinst, prerm: Do not test for the existence of update-alternatives
  (this is part of dpkg). (Closes: #720136)
* Do not remove+reinstall the current alternative on upgrades as that could
  override local customization.

26. By Paul Tagliamonte

Release from Experimental to Unstable. No changes.

25. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Adding in a bit of tighter integration with fbautostart. This includes
  a new patch -- fix-startup-check-fbautostart.patch.
* Added a few C*FLAGS to the invocation of configure. Thanks to a new
  lintian check that caught the failure to pass the flags correctly.

24. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Fixing a tab vs space issue in rules.d/001-constants.mk.
* Bumping standards version to 3.9.3, no changes needed.
* Updated copyright to be policy-compliant.

23. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Fixing a minor headache with not shipping .png images, since most
  background setters can't set .svg. (Closes: #645120)
   - I've (as a result) been forced to add the .png files to the
     source/include-binaries file.

22. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Patch by Harald Jenny to fix the debian-light theme. (Closes: #645057)
* Changed the author header in the patches/ directory - malformed author
* Upstream fix closed a bug back in 1.3.0 - we'll just close that out with the
  new release (Closes: #617638). Thanks, Frédéric and lmwangi!
* Upstream signal handling is fixed up a great deal thanks to Pavelo
  - (Closes: #532094) - Thanks, Phil!
  - (Closes: #596029) - Thanks, James! (This one was particularly annoying)
* Overhauled the copyright file - we're all set (Closes: #585180) - Thanks,
  - While I was in there, migrated to the latest version of DEP5.
* The icon handling has been fixed up (LP: #361389) - thanks dsyates!
* Please note that this is no longer non-DFSG free upstream. This release
  no longer needs DFSG hacks.
   - Unmangled watch file.

21. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Changing up the additional-themes directory, and moving it under
  debain/ - since we're using 3.0, we can store PNGs in there (if we
  need to) because it gets stored as a debain.tar.gz, not a patch.gz.
* Revamped debian/rules, using a rules.d style setup. Should be
  much cleaner now.
* Added a bunch of themes from Piotr Wcislo. Thanks, Piotr!
* I ended up removing libmagickcore3-extra for this upload, since I'm not
  using `convert' Thanks, Mehdi! (Closes: #628849). While I was in there,
  I sorted the remaining depedencies.
* Updated debian standards to 3.9.2. No changes.
* Changed compact level to 8 from 7. No changes.
* Transitioned to DEP5, man we got a mess of licenses in here. Shucks!
* Changed debian-blue to use the system-wide debian svg, rather then
  shipping a converted one.

20. By Paul Tagliamonte

Adding in a patch to solve the FTBFS on oneiric (really more
a problem with gcc-4.6, though). Yanked a patch from upstream.
Thanks, Daniel Diaz! (LP: #771017)

19. By Paul Tagliamonte

* New upstream release! A new record!
* Added `feh' to the recomends. I'm tired of having to keep
  installing it.
* We've had to repackage the Fluxbox tarball. It includes a
  theme that is not DFSG free (since it's CC NC).
  I've talked with upstream, and they are willing to change the
  license on the theme for the next version. Thanks so much,
  Gilbert! (Closes: 615117).
* Changed the watch file back to ignore dfsg trailing version IDs.

18. By Paul Tagliamonte

* Adding headers to our patches, DEP3'd.
  - Added to fix-xterm-keybinding.patch
  - Added to fix-manpages-lintian-warnings.patch
* Adding in Ubuntu-light theme. This theme better
  fits the new Ubuntu guidelines. Thanks for testing,
* Enabling xft ( adding --enable-xft to the configure string )
* FTBFS fixed upstream. I forwarded the patch from Felix Geyer,
  but it was re-written to fix it in a generic way.
  (Closes: 554386).
* ak|ra fixed the issue with nxserver, thanks to Alex
  Bramley. About time! (Closes: 546707).
* fribidi is in the new release. We can close this bug because
  ( as noted in the report ), #577798 is a dupe ( and closed ).
  (Closes: 477154).
* We've fixed the debian-dark theme. (Closes: 600513).
* There's a solution to the window-raising bug, on that report.
  I'm going to close it out, it's just hanging around, and
  no one is working on it (Closes: 593244).
* By the same token, there's another bug with a usable solution
  that could use a closing (Closes: 601256).
* ak|ra fixed some under-the-hood stuff to avoid a race condition
  for the keys file. Should not longer spam the file.
  (Closes: 595129).
* Updated pt_BR translation upstream. Thanks for the fix,
  Sergio Cipolla! (Closes: 601490).
* Did a mild cleaning of the build-dep line of the control. No
  changes other then spacing.
* Removed the following patches because they were accepted upstream.
   - restore-old-keybindings.patch
   - julien-ontab-keybinding.patch
   - fix-ftbfs-no-add-needed.patch
   - enable-dragging.patch
* The default key file was changed a bit, tab behavior should be fine
  now. Thanks, Tim! (Closes: 601256).
* We have fribidi now (so Hebrew and Arabic display fine, now),
  thanks for the report, Oz! (Closes: 477154).
* adding in fbautostart into the suggests, might end up helping someone!
* got rid of the .gitignore, and changed the rules to not purge the
  .m files.

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