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16. By David Paleino on 2011-11-03

* bash-completion 2 preview: dynamic loading of completions
  - optionally fallback to generic file completion if _filedir
    returns nothing (Closes: #619014, LP: #533985)
  - various fixes (Closes: #622383)
  - apt: add 'download' to subcommands (Closes: #625234, LP: #720541)
  - aptitude: add 'versions' command (Closes: #604393)
  - dpkg-query: use the 'dpkg' completion (Closes: #642526)
  - lintian: remove --unpack-level (Closes: #623680)
  - rrdtool: complete filenames after commands (Closes: #577933)
  - provide profile.d hook for per user disabling of bash_completion
    (Closes: #593835)
  - mutt: support tildes when recursively sourcing muttrc files
    (Closes: #615134)
  - tar: improve tar *[cr]*f completions (Closes: #618734)
* More checks in update-bash-completion: avoid unnecessary
  sourcing of completion if symlink already exists
* Add message for users before they report a bug (debian/bug-presubj),
  I'm kind of fed-up with bugs caused by acroread.sh :/
* Removed patches merged upstream
* Drop trigger-based completion loading
* Standards-Version bump to 3.9.2, no changes needed

15. By David Paleino on 2011-04-25

* Include install-completions from upstream
* Use new mechanism to symlink completions (Closes: #623880)

14. By David Paleino on 2011-04-12

* Change completion directory layout (00-change_completions_layout.patch)
* Use autoreconf in debian/rules
* Implement dpkg triggers and update-bash-completion script, and monthly
  cronjob to clean up unused completions.
* Remove old UCF-related postinst tasks
* Remove old conffiles, using dpkg-maintscript-helper
* Added debian/NEWS, to explain the changes with this revision
* Use Breaks+Replaces xen-tools, because of conflicting files
* Added debian/README.Debian with instructions on the new layout,
  and how to enable completions

13. By David Paleino on 2011-02-06

* New upstream release
  - Fixed "service" completion, thanks to John Hedges (Closes: #586210)
  - Fixed typo in openssl completion (Closes: #609552)
  - Added ip completion (Closes: #600617)
  - Added _tilde(), fix ~username completion (Closes: #587095)
  - Add *.webm to mplayer file completions (Closes: #588079).
* debian/watch: fix to handle .tar.bz2 files
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1, no changes needed
* Install upstream CHANGES file
* Update copyright years in debian/copyright
* debian/rules: reflect new source layout

12. By David Paleino on 2010-11-16

Provide a saner upgrade path from older bash packages, which
shipped /etc/bash_completion (Closes: #564254)

11. By David Paleino on 2010-06-20

* debian/patches/:
  - 00-fix_586210.patch added, fixes a weird error while loading
    service(8) completions. Thanks to John Hedges (Closes: #586210)
* debian/control:
  - added Replaces: cryptsetup (Closes: #586161)

10. By David Paleino on 2010-06-16

* New upstream release
  - contrib/munin-node fixed (Closes: #550943)
  - contrib/dpkg fixed -W and --show completing on .?(u)deb's
    (Closes: #552109)
  - added munindoc completion to contrib/munin-node, thanks to Tom
    Feiner (Closes: #553371)
  - contrib/cpio: added missing completions for -?, --help, --license,
    --usage, --version and (-p) --to-stdout (Closes: #557436)
  - added .okular completion to okular (Closes: #545530)
  - refreshed reportbug completion, added --from-buildd (Closes: #579471)
  - special-case "apt-get source" (Closes: #572000)
  - added lintian completion (Closes: #547361)
  - protect various completions from unusual user input by not embedding the
    input in external command arguments (Closes: #552631)
  - awk and sed usage portability fixes (Closes: #501479)
  - fix completion of usernames (Closes: #511788)
  - fix mount handling of escapes (LP: #219971, Closes: #511149)
  - update find completion (LP: #570113)
* debian/patches/* removed, merged upstream
* debian/control:
  - add Conflicts/Replaces on xen-tools (<= 4.1-1) (Closes: #550590)
  - Standards-Version bumped to 3.8.4, no changes needed
* debian/links: remove dangling symlink in /usr/share/doc/bash
  (Closes: #565447)
* debian/watch: fix regex to avoid old timestamp-based releases
* debian/preinst: definitely remove anything in /usr/share/doc/bash/
* debian/source/format: using 3.0 (quilt)
* debin/rules made minimal

9. By David Paleino on 2009-11-14

debian/patches/03-fix_552631.patch fixed (Closes: #556251)

8. By David Paleino on 2009-05-30

* debian/extra/bash-completion.pm added, thanks to Ryan Niebur
  (Closes: #530598)
* debian/rules: added quilt support
* debian/control: added quilt Build-Depends
* debian/patches/:
  - 01-529510.patch added, checks for GNUish userland fail on
    GNU/kFreeBSD, GNU/kOpenSolaris, etc (Closes: #529510)
  - 02-514377.patch added, assumes .gz files can't be concatenated
    (Closes: #514377)
  - 03-522656.patch added, evince supports compressed dvi files
    (Closes: #522656)
  - 04-495883.patch added, aptitude: add build-dep to bash_completion
    (Closes: #495883)

7. By David Paleino on 2009-04-04

Remove mtx completion from bash_completion.d/ (Closes: #522545)

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