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23. By Andreas Tille on 2015-08-18

* Non-maintainer upload.
* fix location of bash-completion files
  Closes: #668254

22. By Andreas Henriksson on 2015-05-06

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Remove dmesg and renice completions which will instead be shipped
  from src:util-linux in their respective packages (Closes: #755986)

21. By David Paleino on 2014-03-22

Fix dont_return_from_sourced_script.patch: typo during the patch
backport (Closes: #742362)

20. By David Paleino on 2014-03-19

* Import patch from Ubuntu:
  - fix_quote_readline_by_ref.patch, thanks to JuanJo Ciarlante
    (Closes: #739835):
    + avoid escaping 1st '~' (LP: #1288314)
    + avoid quoting if empty, else expansion without args only shows
      dirs (LP: #1288031)
    + replace double escaping to single (eg for completing file/paths
      with spaces)
  - words_bad_array_subscript.patch, thanks to Barry Warsaw
  - dpkg_ddeb.patch: dpkg also supports *.ddeb, thanks to Sebastien
    Bacher (LP: #568404, Closes: #737881)
  - disable_avahi_browse.patch: slow, and doesn't scale to big
    networks, thanks to Chris Jones (Closes: #574950, LP: #510591)
  - xine_add_more_formats.patch: add oga and ogx to multimedia players
    (Closes: #496162, LP: #311525)
* debian/maintscript, debian/postinst:
  - clean etc conffiles on upgrade since completion files are in /usr
    with 2.0, thanks to Sebastien Bacher
* debian/control: marked Multi-Arch: foreign
* debian/patches/:
  - fix_gcc_detection.patch, correctly parses Debian's GCC version
    number, thanks to Tomas Janousek (Closes: #665651)
  - xpdf_support_compressed_pdf.patch, in Debian xpdf also supports
    compressed files, thanks to Alfredo Finelli (Closes: #702498)
  - dpkg_support_raw-extract_vextract.patch: add support for more
    options in dpkg-deb, thanks to Uwe Storbeck (Closes: #698977)
  - dpkg_fix_-W_option.patch: -W|--show doesn't support udebs/ddebs,
    thanks to Luca Capello (Closes: #697513)
  - aptitude_safe-upgrade.patch: safe-upgrade supports package names,
    thanks to Nicolas Le Cam (Closes: #673235)
  - ifconfig_locale.patch: _mac_addresses() didn't consider locale
    awareness of ifconfig, thanks to Thilo Six (Closes: #704832)
  - dont_return_from_sourced_script.patch: avoid problems with shells
    not supporting returning from a sourced script (Closes: #741657)
  - look_for_pod.patch: perldoc: look for .pod in addition to .pm
    files, thanks to Carl Hayter (Closes: #708173)
* debian/extra/debhelper/dh_bash-completion: fix installation process
  when more than one "proper snippet" is being installed, thanks to
  Jean-Michel Vourgère (Closes: #680852)
* Dropped completions included in util-linux (Closes: #737672)

19. By David Paleino on 2013-11-05

Don't install nmcli completion (Closes: #728742).

18. By David Paleino on 2013-11-04

* New upstream version:
  - fusermount: Complete curlftpfs-mounts for "fusermount -u"
    (Closes: #685377)
  - colormake: New make alias completion (LP: #743208, Closes: #682557)
  - ssh: Add -O argument completion (Closes: #680652)
  - tar: Support *.tar.lz (Closes: #703599)
* Fixed typo in README.Debian (Closes: #689843)
* Use canonical Vcs-* urls.
* Standards-Version bump to 3.9.5, no changes needed.
* debhelper compatibility bumped to 9.
* Updated debian/copyright.

17. By David Paleino on 2012-06-17

[ David Paleino ]
* New upstream version
  - Recognise symlinks to directories as directories (Closes: #666055)
  - sudo -e should list filenames instead of commands (Closes: #446355)
  - ri completion: defines function outside _* namespace (Closes: #669178)
  - overrides lyx's bash-completion (Closes: #662203)
  - complete 'apt-get changelog' (Closes: #659395)
  - sudo su {user} -c "sss failing because of quotation (LP: #783136)
  - scp and rsync error on local path completion (LP: #772571)
* Standards-Version bump to 3.9.3, no changes needed
* Updated debian/copyright
* Added Pre-Depends on dpkg because of dpkg-maintscript-helper

[ Jonathan Nieder ]
* Replace /etc/bash_completion symlink with a shim script (Closes: #669180)
* Remove no longer needed symlink-issue patch
* Remove /etc/bash_completion symlink to make room for shim script
  on upgrade from versions 1:1.99-2 and 1:1.99-3.

16. By David Paleino on 2012-01-11

Fixed issue when loading completions from the /etc/bash_completion

15. By David Paleino on 2012-01-10

* Make /etc/bash_completion a symlink to the new location, waiting
  for bash to update its scripts (Closes: #648319)
* Dropped debian/NEWS
* Drop references to old triggers-mechanism (Closes: #655286)

14. By David Paleino on 2012-01-08

* Uploading to unstable
* New upstream pre-2.x snapshot
  - correctly list purgeable packages for dpkg --listfiles and dpkg
    --purge (Closes: #647684)
  - fix bash_completion paths in README (Closes: #647941)
  - _known_hosts_real: Handle more than two hostnames per known hosts
    line (Closes: #647352)
  - _known_hosts_real: Support > 1 files per *KnownHostsFile line
    (Closes: #650514)

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