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e0d2d9a... by Anton Troyanov

fix(deps): update github.com/lxc/lxd to v0.0.0-20220801070811-efce00b764d8

Update LXD package to a newer version that has a fix for VPD parser

(cherry picked from commit 60b3666995c6581b8f4037316b36d0b699886007)

24e9437... by Anton Troyanov

Update maas-ui to 47ff0618
fix: show reverse proxy for region or region+rack (#4293)

3e66680... by Peter Makowski

Update maas-ui to 100c5e77
fix: configure VLAN DHCP (#4246) (#4286)

Backport 3.2

1534369... by Anton Troyanov

fix: avoid conversion from hyphen to underscore

In v54.1.0 setuptools introduced a change that causes the
difference how hyphens are handled [1]

That causes different behaviour when running `setup.py install`
with different version of Python.

Use underscores to avoid conversion of dashes to underscores.

[1]: https://setuptools.pypa.io/en/latest/history.html#id368

(cherry picked from commit 2441acb3d5d54b39aeb276e35fc8a32db6d3c16e)

04b57a4... by Seyeong Kim

Fix utf-8 character error when bmc-config

Related LP and article

(cherry picked from commit 3eec5b5161515a23f58c72638a5ff8aac7486622)

3ffe625... by Anton Troyanov

fix: add missing o11y sample configs into deb pkg

Fixes bug #1982208

(cherry picked from commit fa2959b88352334146519dc6b68b160953351bd1)

e45209c... by Alberto Donato

deb: move nginx dependency to maas-common

f95b3fe... by Anton Troyanov

                  fix(deps): update github.com/lxc/lxd to v0.0.0-20220712175116-b2a75dfedc8c

Fixes bug LP:1980490

(cherry picked from commit f819c207740533b1f15e8ce7008f082d54ef5220)
                  rm -r $work_dir

0fe4c54... by Anton Troyanov

                  fix(deps): update github.com/lxc/lxd to v0.0.0-20220711133913-8b2bcb6dc937

Fixes bug LP:1980490

(cherry picked from commit 3a53bad07ec621902c2489daf8523d0977e274a7)
                  rm -r $work_dir

89f982d... by Alberto Donato

                  test-related fixes to allow running tests with launchpad-ci

- don't run aa-exec in docker
- require gpg-agent since it's not preinstalled in all images

                  rm -r $work_dir