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191d40e... by Peter Makowski

Update maas-ui to 9ce50ac5a
fix: renaming dns record #4556 (#4568) (#4571)

* fix: renaming dns record #4556

* add test to actions saga

e853358... by Anton Troyanov

fix: master->main

(cherry picked from commit fa9343be7d9d5950b68d08480a9096630ac27cf8)

c7bee49... by Björn Tillenius

Don't return ipv6 boot addresses for ipv4 subnets.

An ipv4 subnet won't be able to use ipv6 addresses, and it would break the
DHCP config.

(cherry picked from commit 425a78cfd666e05757bf6f72e63c48bdf0f807df)

LP #1992330: Use the rack controller IP as DNS when relaying DHCP

Add relay rack ips as DNS servers
This patch aims to add the rack controll IP addresses of the relay
vlan as DNS servers.

This fixes an issue that when there are no other settings or available
IPs, MAAS adds only the IP address of the region controller, but
sometimes the region controller might not be routed to that vlan, hence
this patch, as the rack controllers should always be reachable by the

(cherry picked from commit 65a0cacf6aa37704195e0165ee69e2c516fb6936)

68c059a... by Alberto Donato

LP:1993152 keep current tags in PodForm when not specified in posted data

backport of 6a31c6af5

ada2d4c... by Anton Troyanov

fix(security): maas_hardware_sync credentials leak

Resolves LP:1993032

(cherry picked from commit 0b9a9d8421d301569af12cc8127f440d68914a0a)

5c0b797... by Alberto Donato

LP:1992185 look at all children to find the VM host address

backport of 93cf8e966

0733496... by Alberto Donato

LP:1993289 set a string for the storage pool path even if unknown

backport of (48ded3aa2)

0cb3744... by Alberto Donato

LP:1988759 allow null config from storage pools (backport 9b23293a6)

This also reverts change to make certificate unrestricted on deployed host

6840893... by Alberto Donato

LP:1988759 don't restrict LXD credentials to the maas project on LXD deploy

This causes MAAS not to be able to read storage volumes and networks from LXD

(backport of 95c09efaf)

d59c6b7... by Alberto Donato

add back the _size_human fields for websocket storage