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fde5f5c... by Tore

Improved the documentation for hashed-password support in chpasswd

6807679... by Tore

Changed regexp from regular match to compile -> match.

Looping through a large number of username/pass entries
in chpasswd would be less efficient without this change.

14f2e98... by Tore

Adding documentation for hashed passwords. Also tried to reduce length of some lines to comply to pep8

d75a394... by Tore

Initial support for hashed passwords

a1cdebd... by LaMont Jones

net/cmdline: Further adjustments to ipv6 support

The implementation to add ipv6 support to Ubuntu initramfs changed
(see bug 1621507). The changes here adjust to handle the new path.
Now, the ipv6 route includes using the variable 'DEVICE6' in
net6-DEVICE.conf files.

LP: #1621615

59d4ba5... by Scott Moser

Add coverage dependency to bddeb to fix package build.

When we added coverage to test-requirements, we need to add the mapping
to package name. Without it there, bddeb complains that it cannot
translate the dependency.

Note, though, that the Makefile does not invoke nose with coverage.
So we don't actually use that dependency.

0efae9c... by Scott Moser

doc: improve HACKING.rst file

Put a bit more information and a few style fixes in HACKING.rst.

3416e2e... by Robert Schweikert

dmidecode: Allow dmidecode to be used on aarch64

aarch64 systems have functional dmidecode, so allow that to be used.
- aarch64 has support for dmidecode as well

4f8ceff... by lawrence peng

AliYun: Add new datasource for Ali-Cloud ECS

Support AliYun(Ali-Cloud ECS). This datasource inherits from EC2,
the main difference is the meta-server address is changed to

The datasource behaves similarly to EC2 and relies on network polling.
As such, it is not enabled by default.

c12f4dd... by Joshua Powers

Add coverage collection to tox unit tests.

First step in increasing coverage is knowing what coverage
is currently at. By default, tox only runs coverage on py3 as it
is slower to run with coverage.