Code review comment for lp:~tintou/slingshot/gtk-popover

Daniel Fore (danrabbit) wrote :

This seems to be quite an improvement overall. Gaining regular right click menus and also the cut/copy/paste/etc menu is killer.

I love that the animations go to the edge of the popover. Very sexy!

Something that is annoying is that it seems to animate from the bottom up. I see this as a regression. Ideally it would animate from the origin towards the opposite corner of the display. But at least the current version animates from the center out.

It does seem that this makes Slingshot shorter, which is a bit weird at first, but I think it'll be easy to get used to. I wouldn't really consider this a regression.

When navigating by keyboard, I noticed that moving from the 2nd-to-last to the last page, you can lose the selection if you go from the 2nd (or 3rd) row and there is only 1 row on the last page.

The scrolled window in the search view should have a right margin. Unfortunately because of the rounded corners, it seems to hang off of the bottom right corner of the popover.

There is also a small jump where the popover resizes between grid and search views

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