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Thomas Cuthbert (tcuthbert) wrote :

> I think the best solution here is to update the haproxy[1] and content-
> cache[2] to pass through the listen address for haproxy statistics, they both
> already pass through the username, password, and port. Then have the telegraf
> charm check the presence of this and use it if it's something other than
> If it doesn't exist, try work it out with the existing code (rel
> ["private-address"] and hookenv.unit_private_ip()).
> For the HAProxy charm, it defaults to statistics on so why it doesn't
> appear broken with the latest Juju version - localhost or private-address,
> HAProxy statistics will answer on both interfaces. For the Content-cache
> charm, it configures statistics to listen on
> [1]
> haproxy/trunk/view/head:/hooks/
> [2]
> charm/tree/reactive/

okay I've updated, see also.

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