Code review comment for lp:~suutari-olli/openlp/click-slide-to-go-live-from-blank

Azaziah (suutari-olli) wrote :

> I've just merged the flags section of the Registry object.
> Having said that, and looking at your branch, I'm not entirely convinced this
> is the way to go about this. While you can explain to me what the difference
> is between this and the other auto-unblank setting, you can't explain it to
> our users, and I refuse to be lumped with the problem (I'm about the only
> person who actually actively deals with our users).
> I recommend rather merging this with the current "auto-unblank" setting and
> make a single setting with a set of modes instead.

I'll be looking forward to moving the flags to registry.

This branch adds the unblanking of display by clicking slides in Live.

Currently this is possible when using Escape item, but not while using the real blank to modes.
The current behavior is highly confusing.
This setting will make things more understandable and easier to manage.

So ultimately this just makes it possible for users to easily resume Live presentation by clicking a slide they wish to show.

It's not related to sending items to Live, It's more about unblanking display and resuming the projection of the current Live item. Thus they are a very different thing.

After this is merged, I think we should begin working on removing the Escape item,
It's very much a broken and confusing format.

I am sorry about the current user support situation, hope things will be better someday.
Ultimately it would be great if the customer support would be something you wouldn't have to do.

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