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fc96998... by Alayan <email address hidden>

Merge with latest master

68916b0... by Alayan <email address hidden>

Add the possibility to exclude owned projectiles from the nearby projectiles count

6445fb0... by Alayan <email address hidden>

Split DrawGlobalPlayerIcons

0c5b1a3... by Dawid Gan

Always show current reolution in options

dc428b9... by Dawid Gan

Add a script that allows to build all android packages with single command

1bb0be6... by Benau <email address hidden>

Fix crash for deve's soccer arena without navmesh

fedf93c... by Dawid Gan

Tweak range of touch device gui scale

693a3bc... by Benau <email address hidden>

Allow flag to be placed on driveable object (for ctf temple)

b26d8f3... by Dawid Gan

Avoid a crash when using close button in kart selection screen

da4f6cf... by Dawid Gan

Fixed memory leak