Code review comment for lp:~songofacandy/bzr/i18n-msgfmt

Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

On 17 May 2011 18:49, INADA Naoki <email address hidden> wrote:
> On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 12:01 AM, Martin Pool <email address hidden> wrote:
>> Review: Needs Information
>> Sorry if I missed this in the list thread, but: can you tell me why we're adding a build_mo command, rather than using the external ones?
> command or Makefile command is needed with other tool, too.
> So the problem is " or external msgfmt command."
> The advantage of is that users don't need msgfmt command.
> Users building bzr from source must have Python, of course.
> But msgfmt tool is extra dependency for not only windows users, but also
> Ubuntu users. Ubuntu doesn't installs msgfmt default and not all users
> have root. Installing msgfmt is pain for non root users. Please imagine
> "pip install --user bzr".
> On the other hand, I don't imagine advantage of external msgfmt tool.

ok, that makes sense. thanks!

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