Code review comment for lp:~smoser/ubuntu/precise/sysvinit/rc.local.d

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

> I like the idea of having two separate jobs because the user will get messages
> in noquiet boot (default for servers) that show
> * Starting /etc/rc.local
> * Stopping /etc/rc.local
> * Starting local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local.d)
> * Stopping local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local.d)
> Would you be willing to move it over to upstart?

I have no objections to rc.local being a upstart job, but having the "sysvinit" package lay down a upstart job just seems strange at best to me. Thats why I stuck with sysvinit style start script.

If we think that rc.local should be an upstart job (and then, rc.local.d following that), I think thats a different bug. I really don't have a strong feeling.

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