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Santosh (santoshbit2007) wrote :

overlay scrollbar is controlled by cmd flags --enable-overlay-scrollbar(disable). Disabling overlay scrollbar using cmd require renderer process restart. so I am not changing command line parameter at runtime instead using the blink Runtime setting to disable overlay scrollbar which is enough to disable the overlayscrollbar from blink.
But outside blink chromium checks for cmd params to find type of scrollbar.
So internal of blink may know overlay scrollbar is disabled but at the same time outside of blink
may see its enabled.

But as of now its all fine, as outside blink there is only one place of checking of "type of scrollbar" which is overridden in oxide_content_render_client::OverrideCompositorSettings.

So now ui::IsOverlayScrollbarEnabled(); will return wrong value when convergence is in picture.

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