Code review comment for lp:~rvb/gwacl/list-endpoints

Raphaël Badin (rvb) wrote :

> [2]
> +func (suite *suiteListRoleEndpoints) TestWhenGetRoleFails(c *C) {
> ...
> +    c.Check(err, ErrorMatches, "GET request failed [(]404: Not Found[)]")
> I wonder if we should revisit these behaviours everywhere in GWACL and
> return nil instead of an error. That's easier to use in a conditional,
> and a common idiom for absense of something. Errors are a pain to make
> decisions about, except nil or not. What do you think? (Utterly out of
> scope for this branch; I'm just seeking your opinion.)

You certainly have a point here… but, as Julian pointed out, I don't think we should hide information from the caller.

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