Code review comment for lp:~renatofilho/ubuntu-filemanager-app/fix-network-crash

OK, Let's have a review on it,

1. perhaps the slot onParentDestroyed() on location.h lines 94-96 is not being used.

2. on line 38 from networklistworker.cpp we should check if m_parent != 0,
   the default value for 'parent' is 0 on networklistworker.h

   38: parent->connectDestructionSignal(this, SLOT(onParentDestroyed()));

3. are you sure the code from networklistworker.cpp lines 57-58 are really necessary?
   the default value for 'parent' is 0 on networklistworker.h, and, if onParentDestroyed() is called
   m_parent is set to 0 and the "m_parent != 0" is checked on line 61.

   57: if (!m_parent)
   58: return netContent;

   61: bool is_parent_of_smb_url = m_parent != 0 && m_parent->urlPath().startsWith(LocationUrl::SmbURL);

   if you want keep lines 57-58, please change to "if (m_parent != 0)" as m_parent is not a boolean type.

4. can you explain why you removed the call to "refreshInfo()" from Location::currentInfo()
   on location.cpp line 329?

   I see that both Location::refreshInfo() and Location::becomeParent() delete the 'm_info',
   this is the 'parent' used in NetworkListWorker class on the second thread.
   That may be the real problem, perhaps just making an attribution into 'm_info'
   from the temporary item could solve the entire problem, see a grep output:

     ./src/plugin/folderlistmodel/trash/trashlocation.cpp:57: delete m_info;
     ./src/plugin/folderlistmodel/trash/trashlocation.cpp:176: delete m_info;
     ./src/plugin/folderlistmodel/location.cpp:64: delete m_info;
     ./src/plugin/folderlistmodel/location.cpp:96: delete m_info;
     ./src/plugin/folderlistmodel/location.cpp:238: delete m_info;
     ./src/plugin/folderlistmodel/location.cpp:252: delete m_info;

   Would you consider (adding this) or reconsider for this item #4 only?

review: Needs Information

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