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5511623... by Ryan Harper on 2020-04-15

curthooks: always use ChrootableTarget.subp when calling efibootmgr

There was a bug recently introduced when adding the feature to remove
duplicate UEFI boot entries which removed use of ChrootableTarget
subp method. The assumption was that util.subp calls would also get
the target parameter set but this was not the case. The ephemeral
environment does not usually have efibootmgr package installed but
we ensure that it is present in the target system. This branch
replaces calls to util.subp with the ChrootableTarget subp method.

0832e4e... by Ryan Harper on 2020-04-10

block-discover: detect nvme multipath devices

NVME "multipath" devices are a virtual subsystem inside the kernel
that has nothing to do with traditional multipath. The kernel nvme
driver jumps through hoops to hide a controller node and pretend that
it is a block device when it is emphatically _not_. It's not suprising
that this breaks lots of things.

These phony block devices do present a virtual NVME block device and
curtin block-discover ignores composed virtual devices when
constructing storage-config 'type: disk' devices. We must include such
devices as 'type: disk'.

This patch narrows our filter to exclude any DEVPATH which is
/devices/virtual/block and NVME mp devices use

LP: #1868109

3240d84... by Ryan Harper on 2020-04-09

clear-holders: Tolerate vgchange errors during discovery

Curtin may be on a system where it has an incomplete lvm and it
should not exit with error if the volume group cannot be enabled.

LP: #1870037

2ae80dd... by Ryan Harper on 2020-04-08

block-meta: handle preserve with vtoc ptable

DASD devices have a 'vtoc' partition table type. When we're handling
a disk config with 'preserve': True we raised a ValueError expecting
either 'gpt' or 'msdos'. Fix this by refactoring the code to check
the expected ptable value and adding a check_vtoc_signature method.

LP: #1871158

b7cbe9d... by Ryan Harper on 2020-04-07

vmtest: use -partition file for TestReuseRAIDMemberPartition class

638c9a7... by Ryan Harper on 2020-04-03

format: extra_options should be a list type

Switch to a list for extra_options to allow for specifying whitespace
characters in values passed to mkfs command.

- tox: add block-schema validate env

4264649... by Paride Legovini on 2020-04-01

tox: add pyflakes to the default tox run

The new py3-pyflakes environment tests the code against a specific
version of pyflakes, and it is run by default. This in contrast
with the existing tip-pyflakes environment, which tests against the
latest pyflakes version and it is not part of the default tox run.

8a2fbf0... by Ryan Harper on 2020-03-30

storage_config: Add 'extra_options' parameter to allow custom mkfs

Allow users to provide additional flags to the mkfs command used to
create a filesystem during storage configuration. The extra_options
value is a string that will be appended to the constructed mkfs
command. The value will be split on whitespace to show up as
individual arguments to the mkfs command.

LP: #1869069

7f7b8c4... by Ryan Harper on 2020-03-27

Add support for installing Ubuntu Core 20 images

Update detection methods for Ubuntu Core 20. Use new agreed upon location
for writing out cloud.cfg.d directory with contents provided from MAAS.
Add vmtest coverage for UC20 image as well.

f262b82... by Ryan Harper on 2020-03-25

tox.ini: Fix issues with newer tox on focal

Newer tox on focal is not happy when inhieriting dependencies.
First in py27 testenv, it does not pickup the 'testenv' deps
which includes test-depedndences and dependencies files. Fix
this by explicitly referencing these deps fir testenv:py27.

Second, in testenv:trusty-p27, which recreates specific package
versions to model the trusty build environment we cannot pull in
the default testenv deps, as this breaks with different versions
of mock and other settings. Instead, just bring in the setuptools
dep to ensure we can keep running on py27 for now.