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30904e2... by Ryan Harper

Use /bin/sh where possible in cloud_tests for ntp

8c87e14... by Ryan Harper

Drop use of copy.deepcopy for a simple copy via list()

f5bcbdc... by Ryan Harper

Drop util.decode_text(); adjust unittests

beeb8c6... by Ryan Harper

Drop utf-8 apostrophe for ascii

1a6cb7d... by Ryan Harper

Add Chad's additional schema validations

1f840b0... by Ryan Harper

Switch preferred ntp client to distro property, drop unneeded mocks

847fb39... by Ryan Harper

Implement ntp client spec with support for automatic client selection

Add a common function to determining which ntp client to use, preferring
installed clients over clients which need to be installed, allow distributions
to override the cloud-init defaults. As usual, user-data configurations can
override the built-in configuration.

Changes include:
  - Adding 'rhel' to the list of distros to configure ntp
  - Handle opensuse complex selection of preferred ntp clients
  - Handle Ubuntu Xenial/UbuntuCore selection of preferred ntp clients
  - Add chrony configuration templates for cc_ntp supported distros
  - Add explicit 'enabled' boolean to the ntp config
  - Add util.decode_text method to handle decoding text,
    chrony introduced UTF-8 characters which get handled differently
    in py26/27 than py3 when rendering the jinja templates

LP: #1749722

0f77456... by Scott Moser

Apport: add Brightbox, IBM, LXD, and OpenTelekomCloud to list of clouds.

When filing a bug with apport, this allows the user to choose
Brightbox, IBM, LXD, or OpenTelekomCloud as their cloud.

01ff5c2... by Chad Smith

tests: fix ec2 integration network metadata validation

Fix integraiton test logic for ec2 to look for network and
availability-zone data under the key path
'ds'=>'meta-data' instead of just 'ds' when parsing instance-data.json.

05926e4... by Chad Smith

tests: fix integration tests to support lxd 3.0 release

Integration tests previously had a logic path that was unexercised on
jenkins because we were on an older version of lxc. With an upgrade to lxd
version 3.0 we need to bump pylxd dependency pin and fix a typo in
integration tests which checked the lxd version.