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4f897f4... by Johann Haarhoff

Radio and Check buttons now work

Added support for Radio Buttons and Check Boxes. This pretty much
completes the effort on the buttons, except for maybe a slight text
alignment problem in the vertical direction

ad315c2... by Johann Haarhoff

Cairo buttons can now be themed

paintButton now stamps the surface created in wtheme.c onto buttons.
Themes are selectable by #defining NEW_LOOK, or OLD_LOOK, but this
has to be built into configure somehow.

1f471c6... by Carlos Mafra

cairo: Add forgotten WINGs/wimage.c

I copied it from the mercurial wm2 repo, and did a

git add WINGs/wimage.c

to include it in #cairo

f2f17ec... by Johann Haarhoff

WINGs buttons and labels now have text

Running WINGs/Tests/wtest now draws a label and some buttons with
text on them.

26de172... by Johann Haarhoff

Got WINGs/Tests/wtest.c to build and run

Had to change some stuff in WINGs/widgets.c to prevent a segfault
wtest now runs and displays a very basic button outline. woohoo!

3280a6e... by Johann Haarhoff

Added a simple "draw" program

This program is meant to serve as a frame for quickly testing cairo
code. This should be useful for people like me who are not yet too
familiar with cairo.

This should ultimately not be part of the wmaker tree, but I think it
is useful here while we are getting up to speed.

4aeed8f... by Johann Haarhoff

Merge WM2 WINGs Examples and Tests

This completes the merging of the WM2 branch onto next. The tests
and examples don't compile yet, but the merge is complete

5ab7033... by Johann Haarhoff

Port WM2 branch onto next

This patch ports the changes found in the WM2 branch at this


onto the next branch. These changes were started by Dan and Alfredo
to port the 2D drawing in WMaker to Cairo. At the state of this
commit, the some of the stuff in WINGs compiles, but the rest still
needs a lot of work.

e6d19dd... by Tamas TEVESZ <email address hidden>

Fix out-of-tree builds

- The throwing out of autogen.sh in favor of autoreconf comes from
- 'think that instead of the exit, some better way should be put in
  to control whether or not to automatically run configure. Or maybe
  just don't even run it.

f7dc986... by Carlos Mafra

Add include guards