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Series: trunk
1 Development 2018-12-16 10:13:50 UTC 2018-12-16
3652. support moving window between heads u...

Author: Gaspar Chilingarov
Revision Date: 2018-12-16 10:13:50 UTC

support moving window between heads using keyboard

Window Maker allows to perform practically all operations with windows
using only keyboard. One of the actions so far which required using
mouse was dragging window from one head (monitor) to another.

This patch introduces support for keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts
move windows in circular fashion (if you have 3 and more monitors).

In case of 2 or 3 monitors arranged horizontally - window will just move

In case of 3x3 setup - it is impossible to move window to central
monitor with keyboard.

- preserves window position and size (if display sizes are same)
- otherwise tries to fit window to smaller display

lp:~profzoom/wmaker/ppa 1 Development 2018-10-03 09:40:44 UTC 2018-10-03
3119. Merge branch 'next' into ppa

Author: Doug Torrance
Revision Date: 2018-10-03 09:40:44 UTC

Merge branch 'next' into ppa

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