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Proposed by Sergio Zanchetta
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 159
Proposed branch: lp:~primes2h/ubuntu-qa-website/bug_726645
Merge into: lp:~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/trunk
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Ubuntu QA Website Developers Pending
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Description of the change

Updated logo titles of * to use the new Ubuntu font. (LP: #726645)
P.S.: Iso,Kernel, Mozilla, Server sites uses the same logo title (iso testing tracker), they probably need to be changed by the respective team.

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1=== modified file 'code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/isotesting-logo.png'
2Binary files code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/isotesting-logo.png 2007-11-20 08:17:03 +0000 and code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/isotesting-logo.png 2011-04-26 17:25:18 +0000 differ
3=== modified file 'code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/kernel-logo.png'
4Binary files code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/kernel-logo.png 2007-11-20 08:17:03 +0000 and code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/kernel-logo.png 2011-04-26 17:25:18 +0000 differ
5=== modified file 'code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/mozilla-logo.png'
6Binary files code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/mozilla-logo.png 2007-11-20 08:17:03 +0000 and code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/mozilla-logo.png 2011-04-26 17:25:18 +0000 differ
7=== modified file 'code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/server-logo.png'
8Binary files code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/server-logo.png 2007-11-20 08:17:03 +0000 and code/modules/qawebsite/images/logo/server-logo.png 2011-04-26 17:25:18 +0000 differ


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