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bd0fd3b... by Paride Legovini

lxd user-data: setup partitions early after boot

The default size of the root partition of the image is 2GB. This is
currently not enough to safely run apt update/upgrade.

Move the partition resize code earlier, before the upgrade happens.

0f12fab... by Paride Legovini

Merge remote-tracking branch 'ubuntu-release/mirror-region'

4f4fdc7... by Brian Murray

First use mirror-$REGION.rc then mirror.rc

d6f9023... by Brian Murray

Using us.archive.ubuntu.com in the bos DC is wrong

This reverts commit 5ec6d7649e7f42da0d5b8ff38e5b932b6c5a2212.

5ec6d76... by Brian Murray

Use us.archive.ubuntu.com for bos dc's

8041ebc... by Brian Murray

Stop using edge for the autopkgtest-cloud-worker-lrg units

137496d... by Andrei Gherzan

Include the autopkgtest summary file in result.tar

LP: #2007969

Since the last uprev of autodep8[1], the dkms test results changed from
PASS to PASS (superficial) along with the associated autopkgtest exit
code. The issue with this is that we can't differentiate any more
between a completely skipped set of tests to one that ran superficial
tests as they both will have the same exit code. In this situation,
having the ability to check the summary file would help to distinguish

This file is already in the artefacts archive but having it in the
smaller result.tar makes it better to not be forced downloading all
artefacts just to assess the state of the tests.

[1] https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/+git/autodep8/+merge/436412

Signed-off-by: Andrei Gherzan <email address hidden>

50a5669... by Andrei Gherzan

Include all 'results' files in 'artifacts' too

The main idea of packaging some of the files in the results archive was
to have the ability to have access to some of the information that is
small and useful for some use cases without getting the entire set of
artifacts. On the other hand if all artifacts are required, it would
make sense to be a supraset of results so that once available, a user
wouldn't need to access yet another archive.

This makes sense if the assumption of results having only small files
remains valid.

Signed-off-by: Andrei Gherzan <email address hidden>

6c9881b... by Brian Murray

Set num_units of autopkgtest-cloud-worker to 0

Given that there were problems with ceph in the past we don't really
want any cloud workers using it in production.

84a43e7... by Brian Murray

Update autopkgtest-cloud-worker-lrg constraints