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4405. By Rucha (Open ERP) on 2011-02-10

[MERGE]: Merge with lp:openobject-addons/trunk

4403. By Rucha (Open ERP) on 2011-02-09

[MREGE]: Merge with lp:~openerp-commiter/openobject-addons/dev-addons2-rha1

Merged branch lp:~openerp-commiter/openobject-addons/dev-addons2-rha1
Bug #498033: production orders waiting raw materials can not be cancelled
Bug #680918: ready button in manufacturing order list view
Bug #688493: Stock wizard_partial_picking Average price computation doesn't work as expected
Bug #690117: A "Manufacturing / User" and a "Manufacturing / Manager" have the same rights
Bug #693833: [6.0] performance issues - stock_move, account_move_lines and others
Bug #696372: stock - incoming shipments price is wrong
Bug #697089: [v6 RC2] Invoice from Picking not updating the status of the Purchase Order
Bug #707031: cancelling move availability doesn't change packing
Bug #708874: Anglo-saxon Accounting does not use input stock account when purchase order invoicing control set to: “from picking” V6
Bug #710521: Pricelist with base price set to 0
Bug #713221: BOM Allows Self reference "recursion error"
Bug #719223: [PS] Product margin : "group by" doesn't work
4402. By Rucha (Open ERP) on 2011-02-08

[MERGE]: Merge with lp:~openerp-commiter/openobject-addons/trunk-addons-aag

Merged branch lp:~openerp-commiter/openobject-addons/trunk-addons-aag
Bug #458901: Cancelling periodic inventory does not cancel account move
Bug #665052: "Logistics" not "Logistic"
Bug #668378: invoice from packing wrong price/unit if product has uos
Bug #687357: add product's menus in order to improve purchase and warehouse business application
Bug #689669: A "Manufacturing / Manager" doesn't have the configuration part in the Manufacturing menu
Bug #695004: [RC1] mrp : Manufacturing Orders - Usability Issue
Bug #695008: [RC1] mrp : Manufacturing Orders Form View - Usability Issue
Bug #698023: [trunk] impossible to delete a product category, even empty, if it contained products previously
Bug #699784: Permissions on procurement
Bug #701389: 'Create invoice' button is visible on picking even when picking is not set to be invoiced
Bug #702449: a warehouse user should be able to process a stock move
Bug #708434: Couldn't Invoice Available Products in the Sale Order If It Has Not Available Products
Bug #709055: Error when confirming a production order with different UoM
Bug #709275: context not transmitted in price_get function call
Bug #716117: [PS] Purchase order line : Unit of measure
4401. By Rucha (Open ERP) on 2011-02-07

[MERGE]: Merge with lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/ksa-addons2

Merged branch lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/ksa-addons2
Bug #500931: No analytic entry is generated finishing one production order
Bug #543979: product: check uos not necessary
Bug #623680: [5.0] stock - Stock Inventory with date past
Bug #674551: "qunatity" in MRP
Bug #674578: no pdf report "delivery order" in warehouse management
Bug #675418: account moves with same account in debit and credit
Bug #677437: Production : done moves should not be re-considered while completing production order
Bug #680916: "Work center" spelling is inconsistent
Bug #683231: [6.0][purchase] destination address inside company makes picking to "customer" location
Bug #687352: remove the domain on the filter field in segment
Bug #687360: Warehouse : change order of buttons in incoming and outgoingview
Bug #690583: stock.picking.test_finished: write() takes at most 6 arguments (8 given)
Bug #690700: [purchase-stock] Wrong Partner used when invoicing from picking coming from a puchase with sent_to_address
Bug #691901: [6.0] delivery data.xml contains demo data
Bug #692461: [6.0] wiki_faq - update problem - reloads template
Bug #692467: menuitem for price.type object is missing
Bug #695343: mrp_repair doesn't work with products with lot tracking
Bug #697273: [6.0 rc2] regression - cannot specify dedicated inventory accounts for periodical inventory or production
Bug #697554: Custom Reports do not display any values
Bug #699821: add access group on button used to update stock on product
Bug #704289: "Deliveries to Invoice" lists "Put in new pack" twice
Bug #710516: Purchase: Try to select destination address which has no partner on it
Bug #710717: Internal Stock move have problem if wearhouse input location = Input
Bug #711778: Synchronization with all objects
Bug #718685: [PS] Inventory : production lot doesn't work
Bug #718896: Defining Supplier UoM for product not default
Bug #720288: manufactorig : missing label on field of bill of meterials
4400. By Olivier Dony (Odoo) on 2011-02-01

[WIP] all: (work in progress) changing wizards to avoid using read() or at least take proper care of m2o fields

This is in preparation of the fix for m2o.get() on osv_memory objects, to make
it consistent with the regular read on osv objects. Previously on osv_memory
objects it was only returned the id, instead of the pair (id, name) as is appropriate
to avoid an additional name_get RPC call after each read.
Unfortunately many wizards were using direct read() instead of browse() and
relying on the fact that the returned dict contained a bare id value for
many2one fields.

4399. By Olivier Dony (Odoo) on 2011-02-01

[MERGE] merged latest bugfixes from 6.0 into trunk (up to rev 4375)

4398. By tfr (Openerp) on 2011-02-01

[fix] project_timesheet fix yaml test

4397. By Launchpad Translations on behalf of openerp on 2011-02-01

Launchpad automatic translations update.

4396. By tfr (Openerp) on 2011-01-31

[MERGE] addons1

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