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e30599c... by Gonéri Le Bouder

readme: OpenBSD is now supported (#309)

Add OpenBSD in the list of supported Operating System.

09fea85... by Ryan Harper

net: ignore 'renderer' key in netplan config (#306)

LP: #1870421

723e2bc... by Andrew Beresford

Add support for NFS/EFS mounts (#300)

The cc_mounts module does not support NFS mounts in the form of hostname:/ or hostname:/path.

This PR adds support for NFS-style paths in the fs_spec field.

LP: #1870370

bec8f38... by Gonéri Le Bouder

openbsd: set_passwd should not unlock user (#289)

Decouple unlocking passwords when also setting passwords. On OpenBSD skip unlocking
password as `usermode -C no foo` does not work.

0dae099... by Dan Watkins

tools/.github-cla-signers: add beezly as CLA signer (#301)

95ef35d... by Dan Watkins

util: remove unnecessary lru_cache import fallback (#299)

functools.lru_cache has been present since Python 3.2, so we no longer need to handle its absence.

(Also sort util's imports while we're modifying them.)

9efa64f... by Dan Watkins

HACKING.rst: reorganise/update CLA signature info (#297)

* Split the "existing contributors" information out to a separate
* Update the "Do these things once" CLA information for the current

1bbc490... by Dan Watkins

distros: drop leading/trailing hyphens from mirror URL labels (#296)

* distros/tests/test_init: drop needless brackets/indentation

* distros: drop leading/trailing hyphens from mirror URL labels

f51e3d0... by Dan Watkins

HACKING.rst: add note about variable annotations (#295)

b698b34... by Dan Watkins

CiTestCase: stop using and remove sys_exit helper (#283)

This shim was required to support Python 2.6, so we no longer need it.