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Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

Agreed, layout and theming work definitely needs to happen.

Your branch makes the build work, but breaks the setup like this:

 - in the .pot file the meta-data is merged into one line:
+msgid "Title: Get your questions answered. Lang: en save_as: faq.html"
+msgstr ""

 - file names in app/www are broken:
daniel@daydream:~/dev/apps/help$ ls app/www/pages/
faq-apps.html get-your-questions-answered-lang-en-save_as-faqhtml.html
faq-apps-lang-en-save_as-appshtml.html welcome-to-help-for-ubuntu-for-devices-lang-en-save_as-indexhtml.html

 - line breaks in the HTML are broken, ie missing <br /> at the end of line one::
<p><strong>Q:</strong> Do you have Spotify?
<strong>A:</strong> If you have a Spotify premium account, just install 'CuteSpotify'
       (<a href="">video</a>).</p>

review: Needs Fixing

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