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Niklas Wenzel (nikwen) wrote :

Hi Lars,

Actually, I was talking primarily about the phone images and apparently these follow a different release cycle than the desktop. We still have devel-proposed builds being generated and if you currently create a landing via the citrain, these changes get merged into an overlay PPA.
Next week, a new RTM series will be branched off from the vivid images plus the overlay PPA.

If we can get this merged and landed this week, this will still make it into the upcoming RTM images without having to follow the normal RTM landing procedure. I'd really love to see this happen.

Additionally, we can SRU this to vivid, of course. If you want, I can update the bug accordingly. However, the SRU procedure requires the bug task to be "Fix Released". For that, we'll need it to be merged into the development series anyway, so it will probably be better to do this as soon as possible. As mentioned, if we can get it in this week, it will save us time when it comes to getting it into the RTM builds.

Would you mind merging this and creating the landing?


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