Code review comment for lp:~nikwen/account-polld/donechan-fix

Niklas Wenzel (nikwen) wrote :

> When the ubuntu-push-client polls the account-polld package for the first
> time, it will wait for a reply for five minutes. Afterwards, if it doesn't get
> an answer, it will not poll account-polld again. However, it takes a few
> (milli-)seconds until the commands in account-polld are actually run. So even
> if it aborts after 5 minutes, ubuntu-push-client's 5 minutes will already be
> over.
> The logical consequence was to reduce the bootstrapPollTimeout.

Ok, I found out that the first poll is done by account-polld itself, so we don't have this issue. However, I'd still keep the reduced timeout as it will then poll the remaining accounts instantly when the first poll initiated by the ubuntu-push-client is done. Otherwise, it would have to wait for the previous query to be finished and I seriously don't believe that an account will be able to authenticate after that extra 1 minute if it hasn't done previously.

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