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David Planella (dpm) wrote :

It depends on the teams. Some context for the languages I'm aware of:

- zh_TW/CN - I think this example is clear for everyone, as we're talking of Simplified Chinese vs. Traditional Chinese, each of which has a different character set. There is a translation team for each one of those.
- pt/_BR - Portuguese from Portugal vs. Brazilian Portuguese. Indeed the language can be understood on both countries, but my understanding is that there are enough regional differences in expressions that grant the division in two separate translation teams.
- en_US/_UK - while there is no US translation per se as obviously the original messages are in en_US, there is an active British translation team that translate. I had fun a couple of years back moderating the "Trash" vs. "Rubbish bin" discussion...
- es_* - There are plenty of Spanish dialects, but quite a while ago the Spanish teams (at least in GNOME and Ubuntu) decided to join efforts and ship translations only in the main dialect. That's why there is only one Spanish translation team in Ubuntu and there are virtually no translations in other dialects.
- ca/ca@valencia - done by the same translation team, but the ca@valencia translations are provided as otherwise the Valencian government and institutions would not use the ca locale and would provide a non-standard one instead.

Whenever there is a new team that requests the creation of a _CC (country) locale, we do ask them for legitimate reasons and to talk to any existing ll (language) team that covers the associated locale before creating a new team.

So in summary, it'd be nice to have one team that would cover all dialects, but languages and teams are more organic in that sense, especially when countries and politics are a factor in the creation of the locales and associated translation teams.

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