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dobey (dobey) wrote :

9 + // some languages are special

I'd like to understand better why some languages are special, while others aren't. I can somewhat understand why zh_CN and zh_TW fit in here, as the same character may be a different word/meaning in the different sets. However, I don't understand why pt_BR should be special here, and why pt_PT, es_*, en_* and other languages which are spoken in a wider variety of countries with different dialects, should not be handled specially.

I wasn't involved in the software-center code that does this; have never seen it; and didn't even realize that it was being done there.

So if we must do this, I'd at least like to better understand why, and also have that rationale written into the comment in the code, as "some languages are special" doesn't really say much.

Also, I think instead of get_language_base() returning the full language string, we should perhaps handle this specifically where we need to handle such languages in a special manner (in get_accept_languages or where we build the JSON when submitting the review, for example).

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